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Vespa Lifestyle via Barcelona and Vietnam, Along with Photo of Day,

Every now and then I come across perfect examples of what it means to be part of the vespa community and I found two such videos over at Vimeo. One is a great example of how you can get around your city (this one features Barcelona, Spain) in style and class with simplicity and have fun doing it. The couple bops from place to place with such ease and the shows in the little film are really pretty. Plus a thumbs up to them for showing the couple carrying around their helmets when they are off their vespa: this is reality, folks. (Unless you have better storage than I do and a have a smaller helmet that can fit in your seat storage bucket.)  The second little film clip is shot in Vietnam and of a group with vespa riding around the city. I like this because you get a chance to view the differences in traffic and see how chaotic driving can really be in some countries. These people make it look cool though. I like the focus of riding as a group too and being able to see how they ride around together. This makes me want to start up a vespa gang! Click on the videos (video links, if they don’t appear) below to check out the joys of being a vespa rider, 

Click here for Barcelona: Via Vespa in Barcelona

From, the place to rent vespas to see the city of Barcelona as only alocal knows the city,

“It’s no coincidence that Barcelona is the European city with the largest number of motorcycles in proportion to its population. The size of the city together with its Mediterranean climate makes a scooter simply the best way to get around feeling like a local.

We offer you the possibility to discover Barcelona driving a Vespa, the most elegant of all scooters. You can go from the beach to the hills, dive into the city centre and find your way through the charming little streets of the old neighborhoods.”

And now for the Vietnam Vespa Lifestyle film clip, 

Short film by Qskulls,

“We love our city, so we made this clip.
It’s all about some Vintage Vespas around some famous location of the most crowded city in VietNam – Ho chi minh city (we call friendly name is Saigon) Hope You like this clip!”

I really enjoy seeing all of the different ways people incorporate this lovely machine into their lives and how it evolves with them. Now for the photos of the day. I might be posting a good number of photos this upcoming week, because of my luck this past weekend and holiday week with finding amazing places to capture. The Spring flowers are still in bloom for a few more weeks and I am trying to capture the various, bright colours before the brunt yellow takes over the place this Summer. (And not a pretty yellow.)

This was taken on my way back from the kibbutz earlier today and I decided to go off-road and take a ride to get to a (farmer’s) field filled full of poppies (- will be an upcoming post this week).

I have forgotten to capture sky shots with Roxy, I’ve noticed looking over the photos. Luckily these past few days of gorgeous skies (with puffy, full clouds) has let me amend that. I have always loved cloud/sky shots and grew up in a place where you could look out for miles and see a vast landscape of blue, blue sky. Sometimes I miss the stars and the night sky that come only from that vast West Texas flatlands. Tov, enjoy the end of your weekend! The week has only begun for us here in the Middle East. (I miss Sundays in the states too. Brunch people, or Portlanders, know what I mean.)

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A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

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