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I received a few emails yesterday from people who weren’t really sure they knew anything about this “vespa lifestyle” that I spoke of and therefore wouldn’t be able to take part in the new contest. I got the feeling that maybe since they weren’t owners themselves, they somehow thought that they couldn’t offer their own version of what the iconic Vespa means and represent to/for them. Hogwash, is what I say to that!  (more…)

Vespa Lifestyle via Barcelona and Vietnam, Along with Photo of Day,

Every now and then I come across perfect examples of what it means to be part of the vespa community and I found two such videos over at Vimeo. One is a great example of how you can get around your city (this one features Barcelona, Spain) in style and class with simplicity and have fun doing it. The couple bops from place to place with such ease and the shows in the little film are really pretty. Plus a thumbs up to them for showing the couple carrying around their helmets when they are off their vespa: this is reality, folks. (Unless you have better storage than I do and a have a smaller helmet that can fit in your seat storage bucket.)  The second little film clip is shot in Vietnam and of a group with vespa riding around the city. I like this because you get a chance to view the differences in traffic and see how chaotic driving can really be in some countries. These people make it look cool though. I like the focus of riding as a group too and being able to see how they ride around together. This makes me want to start up a vespa gang! Click on the videos (video links, if they don’t appear) below to check out the joys of being a vespa rider,  Continue reading

What is this about, young lady?

I’ve updated my information about what this blog is all about. The short explanation is pretty photos with Vespas, my love for the colour red, and sass. (P.S. I really adore this photo of the dog checking out my vespa and acting unsure. I think it is cute.)

Click this link, if you want a longer explanation of why this blog exists:

Gas ‘er Up! Mileage Facts.

Mileage and Fuel,

Another lovely, sun-shining day out there and I have a full tank ready for an adventure. First, the numbers for this past tank:

6th tank to fill up, 36.30NIS for 4.7 liters ($10ish bucks for 1.25 gal, which has been the most I’ve paid to date, mostly because the woman spilled some) // 118.7km (73.7 miles) this past tank

I have now spent around 220 NIS ($60ish) for gas, 6 full tanks, and have drove a total of 696kms ( which would be around 432.5 mi).

Those numbers sing true: best investment ever.

Now, since the sun is ever-so-lovely today, I am thinking of two places that would best justify this day’s beauty (click image to enlarge),

The fields of anemones or the beach? I guess we’ll find out when I’m out on the road!

Happy riding, y’all! Be safe out there!

Update: The trip took a full tank. Now at 6852kms, adding 112kms this tank. Seventh tank cost 35NIS for 4.6liters.  Oh! P.S. So I ended up heading south towards the fields of anemones, saving the beach for another day. It was indeed the right choice! = )

Vespa Adventures, Holon*

This gallery contains 11 photos.

The Cactus Garden of Yehudit Naot Neighborhood, Today we were in Holon for a meeting over at the Ministry of Interior. It was our second time to this office, so I knew this time to bring my camera. The meeting didn’t go as planned last trip and I needed a space that was comforting after that ordeal and… Read more.

Vespa Lifestyle,

Courtesy of Los Angeles,

‘VESPA ADVENTURE TEAM independence!!! PART 2’,

This is a lot of silliness and a great  presentation of the Vespa Lifestyle via L.A, where the sun is always shining!

Part 1 is located here:

Plus more in their collection over there full of random Vespa exploits to watch and enjoy!

Vespa Lifestyle:

 Hipsterdom, with Lovely Cali Views.

You got to put up with a lot of [horrible] hipsterness in this little vimeo video, but it is worth it to see some of the sites they feature of California. They discuss their musings about vespanomics and bathe in the ocean.  While it is a great many things, it is also one great example of what I mean when I say “Vespa Lifestyle”. Just nix all of that hispterdom.

From the website:

 A recap of the Vespa sponsored tour from artists Jason Reeves, Brendan James and Amber Rubarth.

In the midst of these deeply troubling times, every day people are joining forces to make a real and positive difference in the world.We have reached a critical “tipping” point. Our thoughts, choices and actions impact the world directly every minute of every day. We cannot satiate every impulse, satisfy every craving and at the same time pretend we are working towards world peace or saving the earth. The time to do something is NOW.

THE VESPA EXPERIMENT’S primary mission is to send a message to stop global warming by using the power of music. The three musicians will ride Vespas up the California Coast, honoring the natural beauty of the West and performing at traditional (club) venues, as well as on mountaintops, beaches and town centers. For two weeks they will engage their fans in thought-provoking ways, through music and honest dialog, while living as simply as possible by camping along the way. In a modern twist, they will film a documentary as they travel, posting daily footage to the web so fans at home can follow along. Fans will be able to communicate with the artists in a communal dialog as they seek to change the world together.