Contact and Info, here.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please do!

I love hearing from folks and will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. 


Facebook, Roxy Vespa

Photography Web site,

Leave a comment below, also, if that works better for you.

Copyrights and Sharing Images/Words from RoxyVespa:

Please ask permission to use any of the (KNM Photography) photos or (RoxyVespa) writings before sharing them beyond this site. Thank you for respecting this wish.

Happy riding, folks! Cheers. 

13 responses to “Contact and Info, here.

  1. Dew

    I love reading about your adventures… and am excited to try your homemade cappuccino idea!

    I’m passing the Versatile Blogger Award to you!

  2. Hi!! Thank you for visiting my blog and I am a vespa lover too. What is even better is my husband and I both have a shop where we buy, sell and restore antique vespas. Check us out at or stay tuned with me as I update on my blog our vespa and scooter adventures!!

  3. Hi thanks for stopping by my site and for the likes, they are appreciated. Thanks also for sharing all this info on your site, its facinating and so much for me to catch up on, thanks again Mark 🙂

  4. Thank’s for stoppin’ by in my blog and for the likes, appreciate that. love to read your another adventure, & I put your WP link in my blogroll, hope you dont mind :D.

    • Oh, that is great if you want to share my blog. I am still pretty new with this whole vespa blog, so any help spreading the word is fine by me! Thanks. And of course I was happy to find yours here. I love searching through the vespa tag and finding new blogs that write about our beloved vespas. = ) Happy riding!

  5. Hey, where are you from originally? Are you situated now in Tel Aviv?

  6. ZioLele ⋅

    Hi Roxy Vespa,
    I love your work and wanted to share this So Old So Cool VESPA with you:
    Take care and keep shooting!

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