Vespa Adventures: Driving Around The Kibbutz to Nataf Valley

Around Ma’ale HaHamisha Kibbutz and Mount Haruach 

Driving from the kibbutz to Nataf is easily one of my favorite drives in all of Israel. The road leading to Nataf is pretty narrow, but the views throughout the ride don’t disappoint. Before you reach the village, you come upon at least three areas that are various parts of a national park where many Israelis come to hike and eat goat cheese during their days off. There is even a fresh water pond located on one of the hikes. I’ve done a few of these hikes and recommend them as well, but since I found a new place (that nobody else has seemed to yet discover), I decided to showcase that location.  Continue reading

Vespa Adventures: Oy! Pesach Driving.

Israel for Pesach? Advise: Stay away from the highways!

Driving during Pesach is only for the brave here in Israel and maybe those looking to catch up on their reading. Beware:

“Traffic jams were reported throughout Israel on Monday, in the first sign of what has become an annual nationwide gridlock ahead of the Passover dinner.”-From

For Israelis, Passover is usually a time for family travel, particularly those who are not observant and don’t mind missing the family seder. With the kids off from school for two weeks and most companies offering half days during the holiday’s four intermediate days, it’s the perfect time to take a trip. (College students and most military personal also get this time off, so basically everyone is everywhere and things are crowded.)  Continue reading

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The best birthday gift ever: BREAD returns to Israel!!! yay!!!! ❤ 

 Thank you for returning to Israel, dear Carbs. 

If you have never been to Israel during Pesach(Passover), you do not understand your own love of anything with bread-type things it in. (Chametz.) And you don’t understand what it means to have almost all cities within Israel (that are Jewish) not sale Chametz- any thing with bread-type things in it- for a week. You’ll never look at your beloved matzah ball soup the same again*.

(*Mostly this is just a really silly post about my addition to breads [-all kinds of breads] Sorry.)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Meuleh! מעולה | Meuleh | メウレ

Stores will return back to normal in a few days with the ending of Passover.


Much love,

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Happy, Happy Holiday! Or, Friday.

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week, as it has been a busy one to be sure with the whole Pesach thing here in Israel. (As a friend said it best, ‘Tzipporah, 1: Chametz, 0.” Ha. Of course, I didn’t really clean and left many bread crumbs scattered about. So my score would be more like: Me, .3: Chametz, 1,934.7.)

Anyway for ALL of you out there,

I hope you have a happy and lovely Friday and weekend!  Continue reading