Vespa Adventures: Ya’ar HaMeginim Poppy Fields Part 1

Sometimes you come across something by accident and realize how lucky you were to witness the beauty, 

Because the next day, you might not be able to appreciate it in the same way: 

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Vespa Adventures: The Ride Home, Via Poppies!

Ready for an Adventure?

On Saturday after spending the morning the Kadma Flower Field/Garden, we were driving back towards Jerusalem when I spotted a mass of red all of the sudden ahead of us. The colour popped so much from the otherwise green surrounding that it was hard to look away. As we drove closer to the field, I realized that it was in fact a dense patch of poppies that has overtaken a bit of this particular farmer’s crop and was providing those driving along the road with a very special treat. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get a good shot in the car and that trying to find a way in with the car was beyond pointless. (And I couldn’t ask my partner to do that after spending the morning already in a field of flowers.)

That is when I decided, to myself, that I would return on my way back from the kibbutz and do my best to get in. (It is, for all I know, private farm property but with all of the ATVs running around those lands, I believe any dirt road path is up for grabs to drive.) I know that I seem to get off on many flower tangents on this blog, but for me it is a very good way to slow down for a moment and really appreciate the life and beauty around me. Continue reading

Vespa Adventures: Elah Valley, Spring in Israel Photos

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The Elah Valley, otherwise known as the place where David beat Goliath in the Bible,  I cannot share with you enough how beautiful Israel is during the Spring. It is almost another country completely during this time of the year. I found myself in a somewhat historic place this weekend, but I mostly enjoyed the… Read more.

Vespa Adventures, Photos Around Neve Shalom

Today was another adventure without a set destination that ended up taking me to a new location ‘abloom in beauty and views. I like venturing out on these sorts of road trips because you don’t have any expectations of what you’ll come across and that is where the fun begins. (Of course, I always have my handy-dandy map in the bucket for those times when I get too confident with my adventures… and get lost.) Lately I have been taking the 411 Road West, out of Rehovot towards Jerusalem, because that road is both stunningly beautiful right now and fun to drive. Today when I arrived at the 3 Highway, I decided to go with the turn that lead to the Neve Shalom village and see what was going on there.

I wasn’t aware, at the time, that the place I was driving to was the first settlement (village) in Israel where both Jews and Arabs (Israeli-Arabs) specifically choose to live together, peacefully, to show that it was a possible feat. I did notice that there were tons of buses going to and from the village and a lot of people were honking and waving at me while I was taking photos along the road, so maybe it is worth a trip back to further explore. I did see a cafe and a cute looking B & B  close to the entrance, so I assume they get plenty of tourists. Continue reading

A few favorite photos from this weekend’s ride,

This photo was taken during a walk around the Bet Gemal Monastry in Israel ( located outside of  Bet Shemesh). 

The two photos of the vespa were taken on the ride today from one of the local vineyards on Road 411, outside of Rehovot. 

This sunshine has been embraced by the locals and everyone seems to be outside enjoying it somehow. It is so good to see everyone on their own adventures in such lovely weather. I plan on getting a lot of draft posts ready this upcoming week, so keep en eye out for those!

Till then, everyone have a lovely weekend! Cheers. 

Today’s Ride