Unveiled Today at EICMA: Vespa 946

It is official: this is the new face of Vespa!

On the LaVespaVite.com Blog they wrote, 

“Today, after having put more than seventeen million vehicles on streets throughout the world, and becoming a legend worldwide, Vespa unveils its future at EICMA in Milan, Italy.

It does so by directly referring to its original product, the MP6 prototype, first embryo of the Vespa from which, in the spring of 1946, the world’s most famous scooter was born, an Italian and unsurpassed icon of style and creativity.

Distilling the purest essence of those traits which marked forever the aesthetics of individual mobility, forcefully entering our everyday life and enhancing the lines which made it famous, the Pontedera Style Center projects the Vespa in a new generation in which references and projections, tradition and innovation, seamlessly merge. Once again Vespa is ahead of its time, projecting itself into a future marked by style and technology at the service of a better quality of life. Continue reading

Vespa Finds: Cute little vespa ad from the other side of the pond!

Going to partake in the Olympic events over in London? Why not do it via vespa?!

“Betta Getta Vespa.. The Games are Coming!”

This little cute video has been making its way around the facebook vespa world early today and after watching it, I wanted to share it here with you all. The style is in the vain is a cartoonish Mad Men and has a touch of vintage flare: a perfect way to celebrate the vespa, if I do say so myself! Make sure to watch it, if you adore vespa but have yet “joined the dark side” and become an owner.  Continue reading

Bloggin’ Vespa: Rare Vespa Photos of the Day!

Today I found a blog that featured two older shots taken of vespas that I have not yet come across and had to share them here. Check out this rather fabulous post about the history of the Vespa over at Bella Rustica’s Blog.

The first one is a great moment captured of  Audrey Hepburn that I have yet to see. I do say, she is something else:

Continue reading

Treasure Found: Piaggio PX 200E

A sunny day’s walk  leads to unexpected treasure,

We were out on a walk through our neighborhood when unexpectedly my partner points out a blue machine over in the shade. I would have never noticed it on my own, as it was pretty well hidden by overgrown weeds (-one that is related to poison ivy, so I was careful with getting close to it). The extra neat factor of this old Piaggio was that it had a cozy sidecar attached! Those are quiet rare, I’ve found, and was excited to come across this so unexpectadly. The colour was still, even in this state, brilliant and I knew that if someone had the skills and knowledge to restore it, it would be a prized procession and a real eye-catcher on these Israeli Streets.  Continue reading