Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut: The Siren יום העצמאות 2012

Two-minute nationwide siren sounds at 11 A.M. to commemorate the 22,993 IDF soldiers who died during their service. Todays’s services came a day after a ceremony for Israel’s fallen soldiers was held on Tuesday evening on the eve of Memorial Day in cities across Israel.

I follow a blog that I have really enjoyed reading and wanted to share their post today about ‘The Siren’.

From Vov, over at Importantlytrivial.com:

“As the double days of Israel’s Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day) and Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) have arrived, I once again find myself reflecting on the meaning of this juxtaposition of official holidays, one representing the ultimate sadness of a people; the second, the ultimate national joy.  Continue reading

Spring in Israel is absolutely breathtaking.

There has been no short supply in sunshine this past weekend here in Israel.  Today hit ‎27° C here in Rehovot and it has been a day full of smooth rides. Spring is already upon us it seems, and the country is beginning to bloom.  Yesterday we made a little adventure to see this Spring in action:

For further information about the Anemone flower,

http://www.flowersinisrael.com/Anemonecoronaria_page.htm /

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone_coronaria /  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone

Did I mention that this past January set a new record for days with rain in several years? It rained a total of 29 out of the 31 days.

Thus the scooter had been in need of a good cleaning,

‘Post-wash, and ready to boogie!’

Tips for washing your scooter,  Continue reading

Shopping on Your Scooter,

Ultimate Errand Machine,

This little machine of beauty is so useful, even when you think it would be quite limited from its size, it can surprise you. Today I headed out to shop for tonight’s dinner and ended up with my lightest load yet, to transport home. I once tended to be one of those shoppers who bought a week’s worth of groceries at once instead of a more urban approach of going daily for the things you need. Or course my habits have had to change with the move here to Israel and not having a car’s ample space to utilize. Although, I have been very happy with my resourcefulness and the storage space offered with my Vespa. I have drove before with the [white] bag full and felt a little uncomfortable, so it is just about what you know you are comfy with and staying with those limits on your shopping errands. Continue reading


 Some of my posts might not have much, or any, reading and just include images from that day’s adventure or ride. The point of this blog is to try and help those who find it with some information not found elsewhere. But is also offers a look inside the ‘Vespa Lifestyle” and to me that is nothing without the visuals. I most likely won’t wax on about politics in the region or discuss Shakespeare in depth, because that is not the point of this blog. I hope all of my readers and visitors to this site can understand that and respect that. Thanks for reading, or for just viewing, my blog.

Oh, and as a professional photographer, I do like to take photos. So expect plenty of those.

Israel Street Art:

Rehovot Edition.

‘Rehovot for Change’

One of my fascinations is street art and graffiti- especially that which is more political in tone. I plan on expanding my photo catalog in the following months and providing a visual guide to some of the street art within Israel’s cities. You could somewhat call it a “little Berlin” and even stumble across some old Banksy pieces in a few places I most likely won’t be riding my Vespa. Funky Tel Aviv is dripping in endless ranges of both graffiti and street art, while Jerusalem slowly surprises you with just how bold she can be down those dark alleyways. Rehovot has proven to be a sassy sidekick between the two extremes of TA’s in-your-face approach and Jlem’s subtle cat and mouse game.