Beyond the Scoot: Purim at The Kibbutz 2012

This weekend was the Purim Party at Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha,

just outside of Jerusalem. The actual holiday was the previous week, but it seems tradition to extend the holiday as long as possible. I think it has become my favorite holiday to celebrate here in Israel, easily. I previously compared Purim to Halloween, but it really isn’t the best way to describe it. It is more like the Jewish Mardi Gras, and after witnessing the 2010 Mardi Gras in New Orleans ( just after the Saints won the Super Bowl!!) I can tell you that Israel brings it!  Continue reading

Vespa Adventures: Purim Parade in Holon 2012, The Adeloyada

This gallery contains 28 photos.

The Adeloyada, The country’s largest Purim parade marked its 20th anniversary this past Thrusday in Holon, Israel. This year’s theme was “Tastes of Childhood”: with around 6,000 disguised participants and many colorful floats that displayed everything kids love to eat, from ice-cream to lollipops to hot dogs, marching to the rallying cry of “Ochel, kadima ochel”… Read more.

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

Because it is always important to celebrate and honor the women in our lifes and around us, 

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

‘Cause the world would suck without us. 

(Woman on a Vespa, from Jose Palacios- Madrid Artist,


And also, Purim Sameach!!!

This photo is floating around the Jewish Blogosphere and I absolutely love it. Purim is the “Jewish Halloween” when it is a mitzvah to get extremely drunk- even for the Orthodox. Yeeehaw. This photo is taken from the men’s side of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel. It is so full of win.