Reader’s Photos: Howdy Texas!

RoxyVespa blog readers are the best!

I really appreciate all of you who have stopped by and those that have subscribed to this here little ‘ol blog. I happen to believe that I have some pretty quality readers and feel really proud of that fact. (Subjective, I know, but you people are fabulous!) I recently had one of those fabulous readers, Glenn Barnett, send me these first two photos and thought I would share them with you all.  Continue reading

Save Gas This Summer: Become A Vespa Driver!

Mileage and Gas Consumption:

I have been recording my mileage and gas consumption on this blog since my first fill up and have been so happy with my decision to buy. Every time I pull up to the gas station and look at the totals from the previous car that had just used the pump, I always throw a little solo dance party because those numbers are extreme (-and mine are so tiny when compared). Depending on your car, it takes about 300 to 600 NIS(big tank there!) to fill up a fall tank here. That is about $80 to $160 USD! Whew. (The most common car driven in Israel is the Mazda 3 and it takes just above 300NIS to fill the tank, but I’ve seen many pump reach close to the 600 NIS range.) Sometimes, after a day of driving where it seems like every car is out to get me, I need a reminder why driving a vespa is so great and these moments at the gas pump do just the trick, I’ll tell you.

I’ve been to the tank five times since my last post about mileage and gas consumption and here are the new numbers broken down for you:  Continue reading