Vespa Maintenance can be costly, y’all.

The above photo was running in the ad that I found back in late November of 2011 that brought this lovely machine into my life.  What I wrote back then about my concerns with the hassles of owning a vespa in Israel made me smile when I read it today:

“..trying to figure out if the vespa’s cuteness is equal to or more than the headache of being able to work out all the details of owning it. but it is so cute!!!”

It most certainly has been worth the hassel, even though sometimes I might not agree 100% when those events are happening in real-time.

Today was my first real service check-up and luckily I have found a decent service shop in Tel Aviv to take it to. I did go before, but nothing was needed then and they sent me on my way, with orders to return around the 10,000kms. This time I knew that I couldn’t leave without fixing something, as Roxy had lost a lot of  her spunk and wasn’t performing as well as I knew she could.  (more…)

During an errand run on the ‘pa to a store in the Abu Gosh area, I stumbled upon this heard of Billy Goats. It certainly reminded me that you never quite know what you’ll see when you head out your door here in Israel.  This fact never ceases to amaze me. (Always be sure to have your camera with you.) I was fairly happy that I parked on the other side of the store when my attention (more…)

Rebloged From Another Israeli Blog,

The best birthday gift ever: BREAD returns to Israel!!! yay!!!! ❤ 

 Thank you for returning to Israel, dear Carbs. 

If you have never been to Israel during Pesach(Passover), you do not understand your own love of anything with bread-type things it in. (Chametz.) And you don’t understand what it means to have almost all cities within Israel (that are Jewish) not sale Chametz- any thing with bread-type things in it- for a week. You’ll never look at your beloved matzah ball soup the same again*.

(*Mostly this is just a really silly post about my addition to breads [-all kinds of breads] Sorry.)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Meuleh! מעולה | Meuleh | メウレ

Stores will return back to normal in a few days with the ending of Passover.


Much love,

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Happy, Happy Holiday! Or, Friday.

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week, as it has been a busy one to be sure with the whole Pesach thing here in Israel. (As a friend said it best, ‘Tzipporah, 1: Chametz, 0.” Ha. Of course, I didn’t really clean and left many bread crumbs scattered about. So my score would be more like: Me, .3: Chametz, 1,934.7.)

Anyway for ALL of you out there,

I hope you have a happy and lovely Friday and weekend!  Continue reading

Pinups for the Ladies: Updated with more menz!

Who said men on vespas aren’t sexy? 

Or at least, adorable?

So what if riding a vespa isn’t considered “mainly”? (Of course, this is pointed to the culture of the states rather than anywhere else. And I personally like the metrosexual tendencies myself.) Does that not mean that there are not those out there who want to see some eye candy of this particular kind?

Well, shalom to you. I think more of this would be good for world peace, don’t you?  Continue reading