Sometime you need things and sometimes things are just too cute to pass up. This charming little coin purse I found over at Etsy.com was the latter option and is now mine. That Etsy place is a very dangerous online hang out if you love cute things that are quality made. So beware if you do go over there to view, as it can get hard to stop pressing the buy button.

If you are ever in need of vespa items for some reason, do a search there for either “vespa” or “scooter” and you’ll find tons of cutesy (kitsch-type) things. Oy, I found one item that I did not yet purchase, but I was thrilled that something like it even existed. When I end up buying it, I’ll share it here with y’all. (It is beyond.) The best thing about shopping over at Etsy.com is that you are buying from the people themselves and are directly supporting their art and trade. I like that idea a lot.  (more…)

Vespanomics, Gas and Mile Facts

Mileage and Fuel,

Tov, I have filled up my tank five times since last writing about the mileage I am getting on the ‘pa. Gas prices have also gone up here in Israel around the 1st of March. The price changed from around 3NIS to 7NIS.- always closer to the far sides of those numbers of course.  I have paid about  167 NIS  ($46) for 22 liters (5.8 gal) in those five fill ups. I drove around 565 km (351 miles) and ranged around 26 kms per liter, varying around 63 miles per gallon. When I think about how many miles I get back in the states with my Prius, the vespa is doing pretty awesome. Yofi.


I have now spent around 387 NIS ($107.50) for 11 full tanks, and I have driven a total of 1261kms ( which would be around 432.5 mi).

In other news, 

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Spring Pastels for Everyone!

Scooter Chic,

(Click to enlarge)

Today was a total treat! The sun has returned and thus the scooter adventures can finally continue after a week full of rain and wind. Today I bopped from one place to another: a few different malls then to the beach, and all between those two extremes. This Spring seems like it is going to be a great season for fashion, after more than a few rather dull seasons: we survived! (It was getting a bit tedious, no?) The pastels and floral prints are everywhere and they are so lusciously gorgeous.

Today’s finds were items I couldn’t pass up: a dress from Zara’s Spring Collection and a few great sale items. (Yesh!) The Guipure Lace Dress is shown above and it is amazing in its details. The photo that Zara has up on its website doesn’t do anything for the dress (middle photo), so I took a better one that shows the fabric a wee bit better. The mark up from the states (to the Israeli price tag) is a full $20.00, but it is worth it. The red fabric behind the dress, in my photo, is a fabulous scarf that was on sale for $5.00 (original $37.00):  a complete steal! I saw the scarf a few months ago, but I couldn’t justify buying it then for the original price. I also bought a pair of capri bright orange pants on sale for $8.00 (original price, $52.00) that isn’t shown in the photo. 

Being thrifty is a good balance for anyone and sales are always fun to find!

I can’t wait for a bit warmer weather to wear this fabulous dress around town. It will absolutely turn heads. Yay for Spring and yay for this fashion season!

Shopping on Your Scooter,

Ultimate Errand Machine,

This little machine of beauty is so useful, even when you think it would be quite limited from its size, it can surprise you. Today I headed out to shop for tonight’s dinner and ended up with my lightest load yet, to transport home. I once tended to be one of those shoppers who bought a week’s worth of groceries at once instead of a more urban approach of going daily for the things you need. Or course my habits have had to change with the move here to Israel and not having a car’s ample space to utilize. Although, I have been very happy with my resourcefulness and the storage space offered with my Vespa. I have drove before with the [white] bag full and felt a little uncomfortable, so it is just about what you know you are comfy with and staying with those limits on your shopping errands. Continue reading