Vespa Vantage Views: Judean Hills

These photos were taken the weekend after I bought the ‘ol Vepsa. Shot outside of Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha (30 minutes outside of Jerusalem), on a nearby side street leading towards several treasure troves of state parks and Judean Mountain range views. Plus the Muslim Village below the kibbutz, Abu Gosh, has the best hummus around! Every Saturday, Israelis from all over the country make their way there to eat in one of the many restaurants. I’ll make sure to do a Vespa Adventure post for Abu Gosh and surrounding area when the weather is better. Continue reading

Vespa’s Big Screen Cameos

I saw this video over on the SCOOTIN’ OLD SKOOL Blog, here on WordPress, and wanted to share it here with y’all:

The video itself comes from YouTube user MartinRacingPerf (, who has made a lot of good little videos about various scooter details. (But this movie montage above is my favorite.)

Now, this is one product placement item I don’t mind being forced to see! Bring on the Vespas, Hollywood, I dare ya!

Scotter Attire: Urban Mod

The Spring Scarf,

As the weather has been warming up and the days here are filled with more and more sunshine, I have been changing up my scooter attire towards a more breathable essence. The main item I’ve changed has been from the heavier, winter scarf for a lighter and looser one that allows movement and air flow during the ride.  With the airy scarf you add a touch of class to your ensemble that evokes images of jubilation, and I can’t help but think about the following images when out riding,

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Vespa Camera Experiment

Trying to be resourceful this weekend and save a bit of money,

I went about putting bits and pieces together to create a makeshift vespa camera harness so that I could try and film rides. I took a mini tri-pod stand, some rope and headed down to see if I could fashion something stable enough to record rides with the camera I already had. After looking up helmet cameras and finding the starting price at around $150, I wanted to see if there way a way I could use the tools around me to make something work just as well. (And save $150 plus!) Continue reading

Scooter Keys, Flare, and Hardware.

The Dos and Don’ts of Keychain Flare for Your Scooter,

You are most likely thinking this is a silly topic for me to cover, but I have found that being a minimalist (-when it comes to your keychain hardware) is the best way to go for your scooter keys and riding safely. Above is a photo of my keys that I took in December and have since changed around, since I realized that one of the key clips (the blue one) wasn’t reliable. I happened to be out driving, in the mist of heavy traffic, when all the sudden I realized that the clip had fallen off and (somehow luckily) landed near my shoes on the vespa footboard. (I really considered myself lucky because on this key ring was the alarm control, and without this control I wouldn’t be able to ride the scooter without the alarm going off.) I have now taken off the old, blue clip and found a more reliable keychain ring to use in its place. You need to choose hardware for your scooter keys with care and attention: you must know that they will last and be reliable.   Continue reading

Reader’s Photos: Italia Vespa Culture

I appreciate all of the blog readers and those that follow the blog here at RoxyVespa. I recently had one of those fabulous readers,
Axel Pliopas, who kind enough to send me a few photos he took in Italy depicting the local Vespa Culture and thought I would share them with you all,

 This photo above was taken a couple of weeks ago when the weather throughout Europe left everything in a lovely, white mess. This was taken in Roma.

This, Alex told me, was taken in Northern Italia at one of the Carnival Festivals. Isn’t it the best? I love Italians.

Of course, a huge shout out to the photographer,  Axel Pliopas.  His blog is over here if you want to check it out, Thank you for generally being awesome.

If you have any photos or come across any interesting Vespa-type culture in your own adventures out there and want to send them my way, I would love to see them! Just get in touch with me via email, and I’ll send a shout out to you here with your photo. Thanks everyone! Hope your week starts out well!

Vespa Adventures, Israel Anemones Part 1^

Here is the first video I’ve put together for the sheer enjoyment of the visuals it provides. Spring in Israel is one of my favorite times of the year because of these fields of flowers throughout the country that provide stunning landscapes I’ve yet to see elsewhere. This video, part one, includes more of the journey there and has a lot of the ‘ol Vespa in it.

The one I am about to start working on will only have the flowers and have better footage of the field. This particular place I return to every year is off Road 40, headed towards Be’er Sheva(If you would like further directios, please contact me.) The second part should be finished later today and up Monday soon, as I thought it would be better to wait and sererapte these two videos. I noticed that after seeing a big of the footage the beauty can lose its hold on you and kind of blend together in a sea of Red. I will try my best to edit the second part so that the beauty isn’t lost.

There is a famous song about the Anemone flower itself called  “Kalaniyot” which singer Shoshana Damari made famous. It is sung in Hebrew, her original version: The lyrics, from English are:

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