Vespa Lifestyle via Barcelona and Vietnam, Along with Photo of Day,

Every now and then I come across perfect examples of what it means to be part of the vespa community and I found two such videos over at Vimeo. One is a great example of how you can get around your city (this one features Barcelona, Spain) in style and class with simplicity and have fun doing it. The couple bops from place to place with such ease and the shows in the little film are really pretty. Plus a thumbs up to them for showing the couple carrying around their helmets when they are off their vespa: this is reality, folks. (Unless you have better storage than I do and a have a smaller helmet that can fit in your seat storage bucket.)  The second little film clip is shot in Vietnam and of a group with vespa riding around the city. I like this because you get a chance to view the differences in traffic and see how chaotic driving can really be in some countries. These people make it look cool though. I like the focus of riding as a group too and being able to see how they ride around together. This makes me want to start up a vespa gang! Click on the videos (video links, if they don’t appear) below to check out the joys of being a vespa rider,  Continue reading