Now that summer’s here and people are flocking to the various beaches in the country, it seems like Bat-Yam offers you a little peace and tranquility. With its under-developed beach landscapes, they have left a little of the original nature and charm for you to enjoy during your visit. There is a different air that I felt while visiting the Bat-Yam promenade and I really enjoyed that breath of fresh air. The waters are so clear and have lovely blue hues that you can view, perfectly, for miles either way from above the beach, on street level.  Rishon Le-Zion is still one of my favorite beaches in Israel, but I really did like how cozy I felt while walking around the Bat-Yam promenade. Here is further information about this lovely city,  (more…)

Vespa Maintenance can be costly, y’all.

The above photo was running in the ad that I found back in late November of 2011 that brought this lovely machine into my life.  What I wrote back then about my concerns with the hassles of owning a vespa in Israel made me smile when I read it today:

“..trying to figure out if the vespa’s cuteness is equal to or more than the headache of being able to work out all the details of owning it. but it is so cute!!!”

It most certainly has been worth the hassel, even though sometimes I might not agree 100% when those events are happening in real-time.

Today was my first real service check-up and luckily I have found a decent service shop in Tel Aviv to take it to. I did go before, but nothing was needed then and they sent me on my way, with orders to return around the 10,000kms. This time I knew that I couldn’t leave without fixing something, as Roxy had lost a lot of  her spunk and wasn’t performing as well as I knew she could.  (more…)

Happy Memorial Day, for those reading this blog in the states!

This is a day of honour, thanks, and remembrance for those who have served and for those who have been lost in battle.

I hope that your extended weekend has been a lovely one and please be safe out on the roads.

Yesterday was also the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, so there was a great deal of dairy-type foods around the dinner table this past weekend. So many holidays! I don’t understand how so many people here are so tiny with all these holidays and the foods that come with them.  I know I’m not as tiny as I was when I arrived last September.

Preparing for Summer Rides: 

As it is basically summer now for most of us, be sure if you own a vespa(ECT.) to keep in mind the harshness of the sun during your rides out. Today I was out on a morning ride and found a field of sunflowers to shoot. When I was done with the photos, I felt effects of heat exhaustion and had to rest in the shade for about 30 minutes before I felt okay to drive again. (This was after drinking water and re-applying sunscreen, while shooting the photos. High for today is 37°C in Rehovot! Whew.) I’ve never been so thankful for those random Israeli Bus Stops in the middle of nowhere than I was earlier today. They are so random!

This Israeli sun is fierce and doesn’t play around no matter what you are doing, so remember that if you plan on doing traveling here in Israel during the summer months (starting around mid-May through October).

 A good, basic list of things to keep with you on summer rides:

  1. H2O! Water, y’all. Don’t leave your house without at least a good amount of water. I try to at least have about a liter on me, when I go out on rides outside the city.
  2. Cell Phonefor the unexpected at basic level. Don’t forget your cell phone on rides, more so if your out solo!
  3. Gloves, not only to wear as protection gear, but the tops of you hands are constantly exposed to the sun. Sunscreen will help, but the sun (after some time) will begin to burn your hands.
  4. SunscreenDON’T leave home without it if you are going for a longer ride. Bring it regardless of what you are wearing and even if you have darker skin tones that can take more sun. The areas that people forget about when applying sunscreen and often get burned are: the back of the neck(somehow always gets burned), behind the ear-neck area, the upper chest area, “T-Zone” on face, top of your feet (if open shoes), and top of your hands. The top of the feet section is one that a lot of people forget about, so if you are going out of the city for a longer ride and have open shoes, make sure to rub in that sunscreen everywhere. ALSO: the tops of your legs, above your knees. Depending on what you are wearing, this part of your legs with get a lot of sun on rides also.
  5. Sun Glasseswhatever kind works best for you. Riding facing the sun or as the sun rises/falls will present some visual difficulties and you will want to make sure that you are always able to see what you need to see. Whatever works best for you and allows you to comfortably see all that you want to see while driving is good enough for me.
  6. Helmet, one word: Bugs. There are more bugs in the air during the summer months and they hurt your face. A full face helmet might be too hot for you, but try to get a helmet that has a visor that protects at least till your chin area. Trust me that a big bug hitting your face at those speeds isn’t fun.
  7. Tissue or towel, this item is good to have around if you like to clean up during rides. Stuff gets on your face when you ride, depending on your helmet. Tissues help with this. Those wet towelettes are great way to cool down and clean off at rest stops also.
  8. Little snackthis isn’t a must but you never know if you’ll get hungry. Depending on the length of your trip, not as important as the others.
That is my basic list of things I try to always keep in the vespa seat bucket out on rides, beyond what I keep in my bag of course (insurance, driver’s license, ECT.). All of this usually fits, with room to spare, in the seat bucket and doesn’t get too hot from the engine. It really isn’t that much once you pile it all together and shouldn’t take up that much extra space, so bring it along!
Is there anything that you would add to the list that you find useful out on summer rides? Share the wealth below in the comments, as your tips might help other riders as well.

Happy riding, everyone!

The Mods are here. 

Vespa Lifestyle, explained ii.

I must admit that I am not myself all that familiar with this particular subculture, but I find the history and images within this scene fascinating. This is another rather important facet to the vespa lifestyle, especially if you were born and raised in England. Proper respect must be paid to this particular happening within the larger vespa community and so it shall be. There is a slideshow at the bottom with tons of photos celebrating the Mod Lifestyle, via Vepsa.

The Vespa Lifestyle, via The Mods:


What are The Mods? Mod (from Modernist) is a subculture originated in london, england around late 1950’s and peaked in early-to-mid 1960’s.  (more…)

Vespa Lifestyle: Explained i

I received a few emails yesterday from people who weren’t really sure they knew anything about this “vespa lifestyle” that I spoke of and therefore wouldn’t be able to take part in the new contest. I got the feeling that maybe since they weren’t owners themselves, they somehow thought that they couldn’t offer their own version of what the iconic Vespa means and represent to/for them. Hogwash, is what I say to that!  (more…)

Well howdy there! WordPress informs me that this shall be RoxyVespa’s 100th post since starting up in mid-February! Coooool. 

I’ve looked over at the stats for this blog and realize that Roxy Vespa really is the little vespa that could. And did! I appreciate all of you greatly and have loved building a community here with each of you. I hope to continue that friendship for some time to come and look forward to many more adventures with you all.  (more…)

During an errand run on the ‘pa to a store in the Abu Gosh area, I stumbled upon this heard of Billy Goats. It certainly reminded me that you never quite know what you’ll see when you head out your door here in Israel.  This fact never ceases to amaze me. (Always be sure to have your camera with you.) I was fairly happy that I parked on the other side of the store when my attention (more…)