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The best birthday gift ever: BREAD returns to Israel!!! yay!!!! ❤ 

 Thank you for returning to Israel, dear Carbs. 

If you have never been to Israel during Pesach(Passover), you do not understand your own love of anything with bread-type things it in. (Chametz.) And you don’t understand what it means to have almost all cities within Israel (that are Jewish) not sale Chametz- any thing with bread-type things in it- for a week. You’ll never look at your beloved matzah ball soup the same again*.

(*Mostly this is just a really silly post about my addition to breads [-all kinds of breads] Sorry.)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Meuleh! מעולה | Meuleh | メウレ

Stores will return back to normal in a few days with the ending of Passover.


Much love,

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