This is my last week here in Israel and I plan on getting in as much as I can before I leave, since I won’t be back for a good while. I’ve found plenty of drafts to complete and topics I’ve put aside lately to cover during my break, so my worries about what shall happen to this blog are no more! Before leaving, I plan on going to all of my favorite places and soaking in these last moments with landscapes I love and the people I adore.  Get ready for a week packed of fond farewells to some of my favorite places here in Israel, via Vespa Adventures and tons of photos. I plan on squeezing in at least one more ride to Tel Aviv-Jaffo area, more of the roads through the Judean Mountain terrian, try to get the courage to finally take the ‘pa to Jerusalem, scoot some more around the Abu Gosh/kibbutz area, and a few other places I’ve grown fond of during these past few months. I hope you enjoy these farewell posts and soak in all the sights with me, as I say a fond Shalom to Israel and my little Roxy Vespa (-only till October, not forever).  (more…)

Vespa Adventures: The Ride Home, Via Poppies!

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On Saturday after spending the morning the Kadma Flower Field/Garden, we were driving back towards Jerusalem when I spotted a mass of red all of the sudden ahead of us. The colour popped so much from the otherwise green surrounding that it was hard to look away. As we drove closer to the field, I realized that it was in fact a dense patch of poppies that has overtaken a bit of this particular farmer’s crop and was providing those driving along the road with a very special treat. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get a good shot in the car and that trying to find a way in with the car was beyond pointless. (And I couldn’t ask my partner to do that after spending the morning already in a field of flowers.)

That is when I decided, to myself, that I would return on my way back from the kibbutz and do my best to get in. (It is, for all I know, private farm property but with all of the ATVs running around those lands, I believe any dirt road path is up for grabs to drive.) I know that I seem to get off on many flower tangents on this blog, but for me it is a very good way to slow down for a moment and really appreciate the life and beauty around me. Continue reading

Israel Road Trips, via Vespa: Route 395 Judean Mountains

Ready for a road trip?

Click Vespa Adventures: Israel Route 395 to see the video from the ride.

This past weekend I headed up to Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha  and was able to film parts of the ride there. I started in Rehovot and took the 411 <  44 <  395 route, which includes some of my personal favorite roads to ride on and drive through here in Israel. Route 395 is found half way between highway 1 and Bet Shemesh at the Eshtaol Junction, going West to Jurselam via Ramat Raziel and near the unique village of Ein Karem. It reminds me so much of driving in the steep Colorodo Mountains or near the Nevada-California border in those rolling mountains back in the states. I always loved driving in those types of environments because it presents quite a challenge to any driver, let alone one on two wheels. (And the views are always rewarding.) You must be able to handle the curves well because there is little room for mistakes in altitudes such as these. But the reward and payoff are without question:  the views are imense and there are plenty of stops a long the way if you so choose to stop for, say, a picnic or hike along your drive. This was the first time for me taking the vespa out on this route and the weather favored me, so I figured that I would film the ride as well.  Continue reading

Vespa Adventures: Elah Valley, Spring in Israel Photos

This gallery contains 14 photos.

The Elah Valley, otherwise known as the place where David beat Goliath in the Bible,  I cannot share with you enough how beautiful Israel is during the Spring. It is almost another country completely during this time of the year. I found myself in a somewhat historic place this weekend, but I mostly enjoyed the… Read more.

Gas ‘er Up! Mileage Facts.

Mileage and Fuel,

Another lovely, sun-shining day out there and I have a full tank ready for an adventure. First, the numbers for this past tank:

6th tank to fill up, 36.30NIS for 4.7 liters ($10ish bucks for 1.25 gal, which has been the most I’ve paid to date, mostly because the woman spilled some) // 118.7km (73.7 miles) this past tank

I have now spent around 220 NIS ($60ish) for gas, 6 full tanks, and have drove a total of 696kms ( which would be around 432.5 mi).

Those numbers sing true: best investment ever.

Now, since the sun is ever-so-lovely today, I am thinking of two places that would best justify this day’s beauty (click image to enlarge),

The fields of anemones or the beach? I guess we’ll find out when I’m out on the road!

Happy riding, y’all! Be safe out there!

Update: The trip took a full tank. Now at 6852kms, adding 112kms this tank. Seventh tank cost 35NIS for 4.6liters.  Oh! P.S. So I ended up heading south towards the fields of anemones, saving the beach for another day. It was indeed the right choice! = )