Vespa Adventures: Driving Around The Kibbutz to Nataf Valley

Around Ma’ale HaHamisha Kibbutz and Mount Haruach 

Driving from the kibbutz to Nataf is easily one of my favorite drives in all of Israel. The road leading to Nataf is pretty narrow, but the views throughout the ride don’t disappoint. Before you reach the village, you come upon at least three areas that are various parts of a national park where many Israelis come to hike and eat goat cheese during their days off. There is even a fresh water pond located on one of the hikes. I’ve done a few of these hikes and recommend them as well, but since I found a new place (that nobody else has seemed to yet discover), I decided to showcase that location.  Continue reading

Beyond the Scoot: Purim at The Kibbutz 2012

This weekend was the Purim Party at Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha,

just outside of Jerusalem. The actual holiday was the previous week, but it seems tradition to extend the holiday as long as possible. I think it has become my favorite holiday to celebrate here in Israel, easily. I previously compared Purim to Halloween, but it really isn’t the best way to describe it. It is more like the Jewish Mardi Gras, and after witnessing the 2010 Mardi Gras in New Orleans ( just after the Saints won the Super Bowl!!) I can tell you that Israel brings it!  Continue reading

Beyond The Scoot: Snow day!

Finally! It has happened! Snow!

(The photos was taken by a friend here at the kibbutz, as I left my camera in Rehovot.)

The past few days have been nonstop rain and wind, but this morning we finally had some snow on the ground! While it does snow here every now and then, it is a very rare occurrence for Israel. (Although, Northern Israel sees much more snow than the rest of the country. There is even a ski resort up there, and after a good snow up North almost every Israeli can be found there too.) It is so nice to see the landscape covered in white again, as it seems every other place in the world has been blessed with good amounts of snow this Winter. So, yay. Another day without  scooter rides (-now about 4 days, with all this rain and wind), but at least there is a trade off with so much beauty to take in and enjoy in this rare Israeli Winter Wonderland.

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