Buying a Vespa here in Israel:

I personally think it was for the best that I came across my Vespa when I did and that I bought used. All of the details, at the time, made it clear that it was the best option for me and was the most practical. Being here in Israel, I tend to be more on the weary side when it comes to those “bigger ticket” items. Things in general here cost more than do in the States, so I tend to question my purchases more here than I have at only other time in my life. Decisions here, whether I like this aspect or not, take a bit of time and patience is a lifesaver. In the states, I have a lot more freedom and knowledge of the system to be able to do what I may, generally. In Israel, more or less, once you buy it: you’re stuck with it. (That applies to my specific situation as an American on a tourist visa. An Israeli wouldn’t have as much hassle dealing with the local bureaucracy.) Being a smart consumer here in Israel means being able to survive, so one tends to place a great deal of care in these endeavours.  Continue reading

Bloggin’ Vespa,

I came across some great articles and blogs focusing on the riding and care of your Vespa. Here are some great sites below to check out, .

From The author covers a great range of important points and it is worth your time to read. Huge plus: the author is lady! No wonder she covered all the essentials. =  )

Vespa vs Smart Car?

To buy or not to buy- that is the question.

More Links about the 2008 Vespa LX 150, Continue reading

Why a Vespa? Why now? Why Israel?


First off, I am quite a silly person who believes in silly things. I tend to be a bit eccentric in my taste, but I think all Vespa owners  have this trait in common- to some extent. I believe in those “right time, right place” kind of moments and have experienced many of these happenings in my own life. So when I found the Vespa advertisement, I knew that it more than just coincidence. Serendipity at its finest. It wasn’t that I had decided to start looking for a vehicle or a Vespa, let along made a plan to buy and invest in such an important item while here in Israel- at least yet. But sometimes a choice, or decision,  just feels right and you have to choose to embrace it and see where it takes you. Continue reading