Beyond the Scoot: Happiness Measured in Coffee.

Shalom Tel Aviv: the best way to say goodbye, that only makes you want to “stay, stay, stay for a while“. 

Yesterday’s goodbye to Jerusalem at the Austrian Hospice: a peaceful rest from the chaos below.

Boker Tov and Shabbat Shalom.

My favorite cafe in Rehovot: Chef Emmanuel. So charming. 

This past week has flown by and I’ve covered a great many kilometers trying to say “Shalom” in my own way before leaving. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some rather great moments in all the chaos this past week and take some time to enjoy the now that will soon be only memories. Today is my last day of rides with the vespa, as my scooter insurance covers till the end of the day. 

The range of feelings I have experienced this week has left me a bit exhausted. I keep floating from excitement to return stateside (and seeing my loved ones at home) to yearning for more time with this beautiful land and loved ones here. At least I know that October’s return flight will be here before I know it and there is comfort in that. I can’t wait to eat tons of Tex-Mex and Chick-fil-a. Woohoo.

I’ll only add these few photos today and get the vespa adventures posted soon, but I thought these moments were worth sharing. I hope all of you have a very lovely weekend. Cheers. 

Now that summer’s here and people are flocking to the various beaches in the country, it seems like Bat-Yam offers you a little peace and tranquility. With its under-developed beach landscapes, they have left a little of the original nature and charm for you to enjoy during your visit. There is a different air that I felt while visiting the Bat-Yam promenade and I really enjoyed that breath of fresh air. The waters are so clear and have lovely blue hues that you can view, perfectly, for miles either way from above the beach, on street level.  Rishon Le-Zion is still one of my favorite beaches in Israel, but I really did like how cozy I felt while walking around the Bat-Yam promenade. Here is further information about this lovely city,  (more…)

Vespa Adventures: Driving Around The Kibbutz to Nataf Valley

Around Ma’ale HaHamisha Kibbutz and Mount Haruach 

Driving from the kibbutz to Nataf is easily one of my favorite drives in all of Israel. The road leading to Nataf is pretty narrow, but the views throughout the ride don’t disappoint. Before you reach the village, you come upon at least three areas that are various parts of a national park where many Israelis come to hike and eat goat cheese during their days off. There is even a fresh water pond located on one of the hikes. I’ve done a few of these hikes and recommend them as well, but since I found a new place (that nobody else has seemed to yet discover), I decided to showcase that location.  Continue reading

Vespa Adventures: Oy! Pesach Driving.

Israel for Pesach? Advise: Stay away from the highways!

Driving during Pesach is only for the brave here in Israel and maybe those looking to catch up on their reading. Beware:

“Traffic jams were reported throughout Israel on Monday, in the first sign of what has become an annual nationwide gridlock ahead of the Passover dinner.”-From

For Israelis, Passover is usually a time for family travel, particularly those who are not observant and don’t mind missing the family seder. With the kids off from school for two weeks and most companies offering half days during the holiday’s four intermediate days, it’s the perfect time to take a trip. (College students and most military personal also get this time off, so basically everyone is everywhere and things are crowded.)  Continue reading

Vespa Adventures: Rishon LeZion Beach Photos

Fancy a walk on the ‘ol promenade?

I’ve seen some wonderfully lovely beaches here in Israel that seem to all outdo one another in their beauty and grace, but I must admit that the one I’ve found in West Rishon Le-Zion has quickly become my favorite to visit. One of Israel’s best kept tourism secrets, it seems, is this pristine beach and promenade that is located about 15 minutes south of Tel Aviv. There are numerous cafes and restaurants to be found here to busy yourself with, if you need a break from the sun and sand. I have been really lucky to visit when everyone else is working and get the whole beach to myself to enjoy and stretch out on. It has been said that the beach itself has a lot in common with coastal Southern California, so maybe that is why I feel so comfy there. The place is well kept and very clean, with many areas to rent beach chairs (and ect gear) and plenty of space to set up your own chairs if you brought them. Here are a few photos of the beach itself,

 Rishon LeZion Beach (Promenade)- “Tayelet”- in Hebrew

  • 20 min drive from Tel- Aviv center
  • Down the road from the huge Golden Mall (5 min drive) which has a huge cinema and a few good shops and tons of cafe-type eateries.
  • As well, (5 -10 min) drive from Superland amusement park (-if you’ve been to GOOD amusement parks, just skip this one)
  • Most parking isn’t free, so be sure and get a little ticket stub when you pay: I’ve seen the parking police give out tons of tickets.
  • Woo hoo! They have quality (free) restrooms and showers!