Vespa Finds: Cute little vespa ad from the other side of the pond!

Going to partake in the Olympic events over in London? Why not do it via vespa?!

“Betta Getta Vespa.. The Games are Coming!”

This little cute video has been making its way around the facebook vespa world early today and after watching it, I wanted to share it here with you all. The style is in the vain is a cartoonish Mad Men and has a touch of vintage flare: a perfect way to celebrate the vespa, if I do say so myself! Make sure to watch it, if you adore vespa but have yet “joined the dark side” and become an owner.  Continue reading


First and foremost, look at these new riding gloves that I came across over at Harley Davidson. Wow. Stunning, if I do say so myself. A perfect find for me to come across to wear out on summer rides and worth the little splurge. This past weekend I was out shopping and brought back a few goodies to share with y’all to help fellow LadyVespas, or other women riders, gain a better idea of what your options are for riding gear and creating your own style within the basic gear choices (jackets specifically).  (more…)

Vespa Adventures, Holon*

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The Cactus Garden of Yehudit Naot Neighborhood, Today we were in Holon for a meeting over at the Ministry of Interior. It was our second time to this office, so I knew this time to bring my camera. The meeting didn’t go as planned last trip and I needed a space that was comforting after that ordeal and… Read more.

Vespa Lifestyle,

Courtesy of Los Angeles,

‘VESPA ADVENTURE TEAM independence!!! PART 2’,

This is a lot of silliness and a great  presentation of the Vespa Lifestyle via L.A, where the sun is always shining!

Part 1 is located here:

Plus more in their collection over there full of random Vespa exploits to watch and enjoy!

Why a Vespa? Why now? Why Israel?


First off, I am quite a silly person who believes in silly things. I tend to be a bit eccentric in my taste, but I think all Vespa owners  have this trait in common- to some extent. I believe in those “right time, right place” kind of moments and have experienced many of these happenings in my own life. So when I found the Vespa advertisement, I knew that it more than just coincidence. Serendipity at its finest. It wasn’t that I had decided to start looking for a vehicle or a Vespa, let along made a plan to buy and invest in such an important item while here in Israel- at least yet. But sometimes a choice, or decision,  just feels right and you have to choose to embrace it and see where it takes you. Continue reading