What is this about, young lady?

I’ve updated my information about what this blog is all about. The short explanation is pretty photos with Vespas, my love for the colour red, and sass. (P.S. I really adore this photo of the dog checking out my vespa and acting unsure. I think it is cute.)

Click this link, if you want a longer explanation of why this blog exists: https://roxyvespa.wordpress.com/about/.

With The Parking Situation, Custom prevails.

Is it all a matter of tolerance and location? Pretty much, I’ve found out.


After doing some more research about this whole parking situation for scooters, I am fairly glad that I am here in Israel where everyone keeps it pretty loose concerning what you can and can’t do with your scooter. I park here and there without any hesitation and don’t have to worry about tickets when I return. I haven’t paid to park in any of the lots since I just make my way up to the store entrance and park off to the side on the sidewalk. I assume there was a more casual way of parking in the states also, but this is just simply not the case.

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Vespa Mileage: full ‘er up!

Fuel and Mileage:

Today I filled up my 4th tank of gas. I have now drove around 466kms on the Vespa and spent under 150NIS total, which is around 42 USD. 466kms translates into roughly 290 miles and to me that sounds pretty great.  Today is Shabbat and many places are closed till the sun sets, so at the gas stations they added a ‘Shabbat Tax’ of 3NIS to the total, which is why it was 38 instead of 35. Shabbat Shalom! As for the stats of the previous full tank, I ended up getting around 120kms from 4.4 liters (75 miles for 1.2 gallons). The nice thing about driving on Shabbat is that there isn’t much traffic (although here is tons of foot traffic and bike traffic) and more so early on in the day. So I try and get some good rides in on Saturdays, because it is so much easier to just enjoy the roads without all those other drivers all over the place. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Cheers!

P.S. Thinking about owning one of these beauties? Here is a nifty little link for you:



 Some of my posts might not have much, or any, reading and just include images from that day’s adventure or ride. The point of this blog is to try and help those who find it with some information not found elsewhere. But is also offers a look inside the ‘Vespa Lifestyle” and to me that is nothing without the visuals. I most likely won’t wax on about politics in the region or discuss Shakespeare in depth, because that is not the point of this blog. I hope all of my readers and visitors to this site can understand that and respect that. Thanks for reading, or for just viewing, my blog.

Oh, and as a professional photographer, I do like to take photos. So expect plenty of those.

Buying a Vespa here in Israel:

I personally think it was for the best that I came across my Vespa when I did and that I bought used. All of the details, at the time, made it clear that it was the best option for me and was the most practical. Being here in Israel, I tend to be more on the weary side when it comes to those “bigger ticket” items. Things in general here cost more than do in the States, so I tend to question my purchases more here than I have at only other time in my life. Decisions here, whether I like this aspect or not, take a bit of time and patience is a lifesaver. In the states, I have a lot more freedom and knowledge of the system to be able to do what I may, generally. In Israel, more or less, once you buy it: you’re stuck with it. (That applies to my specific situation as an American on a tourist visa. An Israeli wouldn’t have as much hassle dealing with the local bureaucracy.) Being a smart consumer here in Israel means being able to survive, so one tends to place a great deal of care in these endeavours.  Continue reading

Bloggin’ Vespa,

I came across some great articles and blogs focusing on the riding and care of your Vespa. Here are some great sites below to check out,

http://www.forbes.com/sites/hannahelliott/2011/09/16/how-to-ride-a-vespa-safely-in-new-york-city/ .

From Forbes.com. The author covers a great range of important points and it is worth your time to read. Huge plus: the author is lady! No wonder she covered all the essentials. =  )

Vespa vs Smart Car?

To buy or not to buy- that is the question.

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Bloggin’ Vespa

Bloggin’ Vespa is a feature of this sire that directs you to some of the best vespa sites out there on the web. If you want vespa fanfare, you found it! Click through some of the links below, 

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