Poppies from Israel fields, spring. 

For me, my vespa is a true gift that keeps on giving in unexpected ways,  wrapped up in the disguise of a distraction. Distraction. At least, that is what everyone else seems to think of my little machine that could. “A hobby” is the excuse my partner uses towards my ‘pa and still fails to recognize that it has become so much more than just that for me. (I think he says that sometimes because he is jealous at all the attention I pay towards my vespa, that is no longer aimed in his direction.) I do not think that I am alone in this either.

It is an identity and a lifestyle, for me. For other vespa owners who have more devotees around them, it can easily move from a lifestyle to a cult-like following that is rather fun to be apart of. It is kind of silly (which is okay) and in that silliness, there are friendships and communities built that come to endure the tests of time and develop in ways no one could have predicted.  (more…)

Vespa Adventures: Ya’ar HaMeginim Poppy Fields Part 1

Sometimes you come across something by accident and realize how lucky you were to witness the beauty, 

Because the next day, you might not be able to appreciate it in the same way: 

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Vespa Adventures: The Ride Home, Via Poppies!

Ready for an Adventure?

On Saturday after spending the morning the Kadma Flower Field/Garden, we were driving back towards Jerusalem when I spotted a mass of red all of the sudden ahead of us. The colour popped so much from the otherwise green surrounding that it was hard to look away. As we drove closer to the field, I realized that it was in fact a dense patch of poppies that has overtaken a bit of this particular farmer’s crop and was providing those driving along the road with a very special treat. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to get a good shot in the car and that trying to find a way in with the car was beyond pointless. (And I couldn’t ask my partner to do that after spending the morning already in a field of flowers.)

That is when I decided, to myself, that I would return on my way back from the kibbutz and do my best to get in. (It is, for all I know, private farm property but with all of the ATVs running around those lands, I believe any dirt road path is up for grabs to drive.) I know that I seem to get off on many flower tangents on this blog, but for me it is a very good way to slow down for a moment and really appreciate the life and beauty around me. Continue reading

Vespa Adventures, Israel Anemones Part 1^

Here is the first video I’ve put together for the sheer enjoyment of the visuals it provides. Spring in Israel is one of my favorite times of the year because of these fields of flowers throughout the country that provide stunning landscapes I’ve yet to see elsewhere. This video, part one, includes more of the journey there and has a lot of the ‘ol Vespa in it.

The one I am about to start working on will only have the flowers and have better footage of the field. This particular place I return to every year is off Road 40, headed towards Be’er Sheva(If you would like further directios, please contact me.) The second part should be finished later today and up Monday soon, as I thought it would be better to wait and sererapte these two videos. I noticed that after seeing a big of the footage the beauty can lose its hold on you and kind of blend together in a sea of Red. I will try my best to edit the second part so that the beauty isn’t lost.

There is a famous song about the Anemone flower itself called  “Kalaniyot” which singer Shoshana Damari made famous. It is sung in Hebrew, her original version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaL7mllWVG4. The lyrics, from http://www.hebrewsongs.com/?song=kalaniotin English are:

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Spring in Israel is absolutely breathtaking.

There has been no short supply in sunshine this past weekend here in Israel.  Today hit ‎27° C here in Rehovot and it has been a day full of smooth rides. Spring is already upon us it seems, and the country is beginning to bloom.  Yesterday we made a little adventure to see this Spring in action:

For further information about the Anemone flower,

http://www.flowersinisrael.com/Anemonecoronaria_page.htm /

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone_coronaria /  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone

Did I mention that this past January set a new record for days with rain in several years? It rained a total of 29 out of the 31 days.

Thus the scooter had been in need of a good cleaning,

‘Post-wash, and ready to boogie!’

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