A few favorite photos from this weekend’s ride,

This photo was taken during a walk around the Bet Gemal Monastry in Israel ( located outside of  Bet Shemesh). 

The two photos of the vespa were taken on the ride today from one of the local vineyards on Road 411, outside of Rehovot. 

This sunshine has been embraced by the locals and everyone seems to be outside enjoying it somehow. It is so good to see everyone on their own adventures in such lovely weather. I plan on getting a lot of draft posts ready this upcoming week, so keep en eye out for those!

Till then, everyone have a lovely weekend! Cheers. 

Today’s Ride

Vespa Adventures: Rishon LeZion Beach Photos

Fancy a walk on the ‘ol promenade?

I’ve seen some wonderfully lovely beaches here in Israel that seem to all outdo one another in their beauty and grace, but I must admit that the one I’ve found in West Rishon Le-Zion has quickly become my favorite to visit. One of Israel’s best kept tourism secrets, it seems, is this pristine beach and promenade that is located about 15 minutes south of Tel Aviv. There are numerous cafes and restaurants to be found here to busy yourself with, if you need a break from the sun and sand. I have been really lucky to visit when everyone else is working and get the whole beach to myself to enjoy and stretch out on. It has been said that the beach itself has a lot in common with coastal Southern California, so maybe that is why I feel so comfy there. The place is well kept and very clean, with many areas to rent beach chairs (and ect gear) and plenty of space to set up your own chairs if you brought them. Here are a few photos of the beach itself,

 Rishon LeZion Beach (Promenade)- “Tayelet”- in Hebrew

  • 20 min drive from Tel- Aviv center
  • Down the road from the huge Golden Mall (5 min drive) which has a huge cinema and a few good shops and tons of cafe-type eateries.
  • As well, (5 -10 min) drive from Superland amusement park (-if you’ve been to GOOD amusement parks, just skip this one)
  • Most parking isn’t free, so be sure and get a little ticket stub when you pay: I’ve seen the parking police give out tons of tickets.
  • Woo hoo! They have quality (free) restrooms and showers!

Scotter Attire: Urban Mod

The Spring Scarf,

As the weather has been warming up and the days here are filled with more and more sunshine, I have been changing up my scooter attire towards a more breathable essence. The main item I’ve changed has been from the heavier, winter scarf for a lighter and looser one that allows movement and air flow during the ride.  With the airy scarf you add a touch of class to your ensemble that evokes images of jubilation, and I can’t help but think about the following images when out riding,

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Gas ‘er Up! Mileage Facts.

Mileage and Fuel,

Another lovely, sun-shining day out there and I have a full tank ready for an adventure. First, the numbers for this past tank:

6th tank to fill up, 36.30NIS for 4.7 liters ($10ish bucks for 1.25 gal, which has been the most I’ve paid to date, mostly because the woman spilled some) // 118.7km (73.7 miles) this past tank

I have now spent around 220 NIS ($60ish) for gas, 6 full tanks, and have drove a total of 696kms ( which would be around 432.5 mi).

Those numbers sing true: best investment ever.

Now, since the sun is ever-so-lovely today, I am thinking of two places that would best justify this day’s beauty (click image to enlarge),

The fields of anemones or the beach? I guess we’ll find out when I’m out on the road!

Happy riding, y’all! Be safe out there!

Update: The trip took a full tank. Now at 6852kms, adding 112kms this tank. Seventh tank cost 35NIS for 4.6liters.  Oh! P.S. So I ended up heading south towards the fields of anemones, saving the beach for another day. It was indeed the right choice! = )

Scooter Attire: Flare

City vs Highway Style,

         I get caught in a space sometimes that I know other scooterists must know well that concerns your scooter attire and what is appropriate or not.  Mostly, appropriate means [to me] wearing safe, protective gear. It makes sense in the winter to wear all the those heavier layers, since you need the warmth. But what happens as those warmer spring and summer months start approaching and those layers just aren’t as comfortable? Do you (and can you) compromise safety for more breathable clothes in those warmer month? Should you?  Continue reading

Spring in Israel is absolutely breathtaking.

There has been no short supply in sunshine this past weekend here in Israel.  Today hit ‎27° C here in Rehovot and it has been a day full of smooth rides. Spring is already upon us it seems, and the country is beginning to bloom.  Yesterday we made a little adventure to see this Spring in action:

For further information about the Anemone flower,

http://www.flowersinisrael.com/Anemonecoronaria_page.htm /

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone_coronaria /  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemone

Did I mention that this past January set a new record for days with rain in several years? It rained a total of 29 out of the 31 days.

Thus the scooter had been in need of a good cleaning,

‘Post-wash, and ready to boogie!’

Tips for washing your scooter,  Continue reading