Poppies from Israel fields, spring. 

For me, my vespa is a true gift that keeps on giving in unexpected ways,  wrapped up in the disguise of a distraction. Distraction. At least, that is what everyone else seems to think of my little machine that could. “A hobby” is the excuse my partner uses towards my ‘pa and still fails to recognize that it has become so much more than just that for me. (I think he says that sometimes because he is jealous at all the attention I pay towards my vespa, that is no longer aimed in his direction.) I do not think that I am alone in this either.

It is an identity and a lifestyle, for me. For other vespa owners who have more devotees around them, it can easily move from a lifestyle to a cult-like following that is rather fun to be apart of. It is kind of silly (which is okay) and in that silliness, there are friendships and communities built that come to endure the tests of time and develop in ways no one could have predicted.  (more…)

I cannot believe it: 10,000 views. Wow. Thank you everyone who has joined me on this journey.

I am now fairly settled in the States and have enjoyed the details of life here this past week.

Every time I see two wheels pass me by, as I now ride on four, I do feel a tinge of sadness for the Vespa I left behind in Israel. I wonder what adventures I would get myself into if I had one here at my disposal. Now that would be rather amazing. I think New Orleans would be the city I’d most yearn to rediscover via Vespa, but I am not sure I could handle that much awesome. Ha. Luckily, I have now made sure this stop (to New Orleans) is one we’ll make on this trip. This fact makes me very happy. If you guys can ever make it to that city, do and enjoy the strange and local flair.  (more…)

Beyond the Scoot: Happiness Measured in Coffee.

Shalom Tel Aviv: the best way to say goodbye, that only makes you want to “stay, stay, stay for a while“. 

Yesterday’s goodbye to Jerusalem at the Austrian Hospice: a peaceful rest from the chaos below.

Boker Tov and Shabbat Shalom.

My favorite cafe in Rehovot: Chef Emmanuel. So charming. 

This past week has flown by and I’ve covered a great many kilometers trying to say “Shalom” in my own way before leaving. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some rather great moments in all the chaos this past week and take some time to enjoy the now that will soon be only memories. Today is my last day of rides with the vespa, as my scooter insurance covers till the end of the day. 

The range of feelings I have experienced this week has left me a bit exhausted. I keep floating from excitement to return stateside (and seeing my loved ones at home) to yearning for more time with this beautiful land and loved ones here. At least I know that October’s return flight will be here before I know it and there is comfort in that. I can’t wait to eat tons of Tex-Mex and Chick-fil-a. Woohoo.

I’ll only add these few photos today and get the vespa adventures posted soon, but I thought these moments were worth sharing. I hope all of you have a very lovely weekend. Cheers. 

Abu Gosh/ أبو غوش‎ / אבו גוש

Living above this bustling little village in the kibbutz has given me a unique experience with the city and its inhabitants. It is one of the first places that I remember getting to know in my first days in Israel and have grown very fond of it since then. Since one of the two ways to get down from the kibbutz is through Abu Gosh, I’ve seen the many faces of the city and learned a good deal about the underbelly of the place and its history. I think the most interesting happening, which doesn’t happen often nor should worry you (but does point to the fact that this place indeed has an underbelly), is one night after coming back from the bars in Jerusalem. The town was pretty quite, as it settles down soon after nightfall, as we turned the corner on the main street and there was a car right off the road on fire- in complete blaze. Not something that was an accident and one of the most interesting visuals I’ve ever saw here in Israel. Everyone is the cars was like, “yeah, Abu Gosh” and didn’t seem to think much of it. I couldn’t stop looking back to see the sight though and remember thinking how odd that it seemed ‘normal’!  (more…)

Lookin’ the part of LadyVespa.

Fashion and style are matters of taste and found within the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to the ladies. I, personally, tend to like bolder pieces that garner second glances or inspire wonder about the piece itself. Riding on the vespa and trying to do it with safety and style in mind hasn’t been an easy feat, but I feel that I am coming closer to perfecting my version of what a Ladyvespa looks like. (A term I kind of made up, so just go with.)   Continue reading

This is my last week here in Israel and I plan on getting in as much as I can before I leave, since I won’t be back for a good while. I’ve found plenty of drafts to complete and topics I’ve put aside lately to cover during my break, so my worries about what shall happen to this blog are no more! Before leaving, I plan on going to all of my favorite places and soaking in these last moments with landscapes I love and the people I adore.  Get ready for a week packed of fond farewells to some of my favorite places here in Israel, via Vespa Adventures and tons of photos. I plan on squeezing in at least one more ride to Tel Aviv-Jaffo area, more of the roads through the Judean Mountain terrian, try to get the courage to finally take the ‘pa to Jerusalem, scoot some more around the Abu Gosh/kibbutz area, and a few other places I’ve grown fond of during these past few months. I hope you enjoy these farewell posts and soak in all the sights with me, as I say a fond Shalom to Israel and my little Roxy Vespa (-only till October, not forever).  (more…)

You are in for a treat is you are visiting Jerusalem in the next few days, as the annual(now it seems) Festival of Lights is taking place. It is my first year to attend this event and it was well worth it. Mind you, parking is crazy and there are tons of people everywhere, but it is still worth making the trip and fun for the whole family. To me, it just seems like such a neat happening for the city to hold and very exciting to see the Old City in a completely different way. Plus supporting art and anything embracing art is good. There are two shows that aren’t included and cost money to see, but otherwise the festival is free. There are also a lot of little things around that you can buy to nibble on and also some lovely lighting fixtures to gaze at, so bring some change! To note: The festival will be closed tonight, Friday 8th, and will resume an hour after Shabbat until midnight. (Good to know!)

“The annual Festival of Light in the Old City of Jerusalem will be taking place between June 6-14, and will be once again adding a stunning and dramatic dimension to the amazing Old City walls and alleyways.If you enjoyed the Old City before, then head on over to this unique Light Festival to see this amazing place in a new light, quite literally!  (more…)