Vespa Mileage: full ‘er up!

Fuel and Mileage:

Today I filled up my 4th tank of gas. I have now drove around 466kms on the Vespa and spent under 150NIS total, which is around 42 USD. 466kms translates into roughly 290 miles and to me that sounds pretty great.  Today is Shabbat and many places are closed till the sun sets, so at the gas stations they added a ‘Shabbat Tax’ of 3NIS to the total, which is why it was 38 instead of 35. Shabbat Shalom! As for the stats of the previous full tank, I ended up getting around 120kms from 4.4 liters (75 miles for 1.2 gallons). The nice thing about driving on Shabbat is that there isn’t much traffic (although here is tons of foot traffic and bike traffic) and more so early on in the day. So I try and get some good rides in on Saturdays, because it is so much easier to just enjoy the roads without all those other drivers all over the place. Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Cheers!

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Full Tank and Ready to Go!

Fuel and Mileage:

When I bought the Vespa it had around 6,000 kilometers on it and I have since refueled it three times now. In the two previous tanks I cleared about 347 km, by way of 10 or so liters total. Which is about 35 km to the liter (about 2.9 L per 100 km, or 82 miles per gallon) for those two fill ups.  As I write this my brain is fighting with me to make sense of it in gallons and miles, but I am fighting to keep on with the metric system. I had to fill ‘er up again today and made sure to take note of the what, when andwheres as to better document for the blog. I needed only 4.4 liters to set me back at a full tank and the total rang up to 32.05 NIS. At the current USD to NIS rate, the amount I paid for a full tank was $8.37! The Official Vespa website says that all you need to drive is $9 for the tank, so they are spot on with their claim. I will keep track of the mileage better this tank and post the results when I next fill ‘er up.

P.S. Offical Vespa site,