Poppies from Israel fields, spring. 

For me, my vespa is a true gift that keeps on giving in unexpected ways,  wrapped up in the disguise of a distraction. Distraction. At least, that is what everyone else seems to think of my little machine that could. “A hobby” is the excuse my partner uses towards my ‘pa and still fails to recognize that it has become so much more than just that for me. (I think he says that sometimes because he is jealous at all the attention I pay towards my vespa, that is no longer aimed in his direction.) I do not think that I am alone in this either.

It is an identity and a lifestyle, for me. For other vespa owners who have more devotees around them, it can easily move from a lifestyle to a cult-like following that is rather fun to be apart of. It is kind of silly (which is okay) and in that silliness, there are friendships and communities built that come to endure the tests of time and develop in ways no one could have predicted.  (more…)