Here is a video I put together to show the difference between Israeli stoplights and those in the states: 

The main difference here is that instead of changing between red and green lights with only a yellow, there is this blinking feature. The biggest difference is when changing from red to green, the red will stay and the yellow light will start blinking. After 3 blinks, it will be green and you better already be going before those lovely Israeli drivers behind you run you over. This is where I get a little confused myself, because in the states it can be dangerous to go full speed just after it turns green. People tend to run their red light far too many times than not back in the states. So I thought it would be safe to assume it would happen here too. The thing is that when you have the lights set of like this, people seem to not run them as much. Israelis do run red lights of course, although I haven’t seen this happen anywhere near as often as I did while driving stateside. (And they are be NO means “good drivers”. I’m pretty sure it is widely none how crazy Israelis are out on the roads.) So when I see that blinking light, especially during my first few weeks of driving here, I was waiting for that last person to come through their red and would wait till the green. Of course, this isn’t something the Irsraeli drivers tolerated so well. All I heard that first week was honk after honk after honk. Lesson learned. Continue reading