Shalom from Chicago! The perfect vespa metropolis, it seems.

Chicago, a city of wonders. 

I’m always taken aback, when I find myself visiting the lovely city of Chicago, by its charm and diversity of life. I remember saying once upon a time that this city is the place to be: watch yourself, Manhattan. Of course my friends teased me for thinking such atrocities and saying them aloud, but every time I come back here I only realize how accurate my statements were back then.  This city really does have it all… and maybe more. As the photo above displays, Chicago also have a very diverse vespa community that I wasn’t really aware of. I was here last summer, but I don’t remember seeing near as many vespas running around and parked on the streets. This makes me very happy and makes a great deal of sense for getting about this  sprawling city (if public transportation is a bit too taxing on your nerves).  Continue reading