I’ll Bite: Jerusalem’s Rachmo, via the Shuk

For this edition of ‘Beyond the Scoot’ I’m going to introduce this little segment called, ‘I’ll Bite‘: for all the fellow foodies and other low-key lovers of delicious foods. I really enjoy good food and finding places that know how to cook and present it, so why not share a few of them here as well? Here is my first gem of a restaurant to share with you- if you should ever find yourself in Jerusalem: Rachmo

Forget all that Machaneyuda talk and head over to this local favorite. The restaurant is located near the Machane Yehuda market, off one of the side streets (Ha’armonim Street) from the main artery of the shuk. Rachmo serves “real Israeli food” and Eastern dishes at a bargain price. (P.S. It’s Kosher.) My favorite dish here is Moussaka and how my taste buds adore its flavors. (Get there early for lunch and to avoid the crowds!)  Continue reading