First and foremost, look at these new riding gloves that I came across over at Harley Davidson. Wow. Stunning, if I do say so myself. A perfect find for me to come across to wear out on summer rides and worth the little splurge. This past weekend I was out shopping and brought back a few goodies to share with y’all to help fellow LadyVespas, or other women riders, gain a better idea of what your options are for riding gear and creating your own style within the basic gear choices (jackets specifically).  (more…)

Photo WIN The Day: Vespa Chic NYC

This is a stunning photo of a woman with gear, who rides: 

You go girl. Get your ride on.

From The Satorialist

Read some of the comments below the photo over there, as there are some great remarks. What a fabulous photo, based in reality… with a touch of fantasy. Love it.  Continue reading

Treasure Found: Piaggio PX 200E

A sunny day’s walk  leads to unexpected treasure,

We were out on a walk through our neighborhood when unexpectedly my partner points out a blue machine over in the shade. I would have never noticed it on my own, as it was pretty well hidden by overgrown weeds (-one that is related to poison ivy, so I was careful with getting close to it). The extra neat factor of this old Piaggio was that it had a cozy sidecar attached! Those are quiet rare, I’ve found, and was excited to come across this so unexpectadly. The colour was still, even in this state, brilliant and I knew that if someone had the skills and knowledge to restore it, it would be a prized procession and a real eye-catcher on these Israeli Streets.  Continue reading

Pinups for the Ladies: Updated with more menz!

Who said men on vespas aren’t sexy? 

Or at least, adorable?

So what if riding a vespa isn’t considered “mainly”? (Of course, this is pointed to the culture of the states rather than anywhere else. And I personally like the metrosexual tendencies myself.) Does that not mean that there are not those out there who want to see some eye candy of this particular kind?

Well, shalom to you. I think more of this would be good for world peace, don’t you?  Continue reading

Controversial Tuesday: Ladyvespas and Gear or Lack Thereof) Part Two

Where is the line between fantasy and reality?

Part ii / Part i, click this.

What worries me is when this visual representation become reality (as with the images above) and the expectation for us (as woman scooterist) to provide and maintain- since it is the only visual context we have of women on scooters. What I mean by this is that images give us clues and information about rules and expectations for any said subject and shape an expectation for reality. When you only see images of woman on scooters with tons of skin showing and (cute!) heels over and over, you start believing that this is okay: it is what is normal. So you either follow suit or feel strange when you do wear all that silly protective gear because you aren’t going to need it.

Here is a comment from yesterterday’s post from thegallivant( , that I thought really hit the core issue:

“This is such an important topic; for ladies who bike, or scoot, or rollerblade or participate in any activity that carries risk, there is always that inner debate: do I keep myself safe and risk looking…like I care about being safe? or do I choose to renege responsibility over my well-being so that I can potentially “look good” to passing males?”

Any woman, participating in any kind of activity,  feels pressure to always look sexy, no matter what the cost is to her person. These are inner dialogues that happen daily with woman and when it involves her safety, it shouldn’t have to be a question. There is a difference between the fantasy portrayed in these images and reality, but those images force an aesthetic that is hard to shake from your mind once you’ve seen it again and again. You want to be what you’ve seen, once you own your own vespa: you want to be That Vespa Babe. You want to portray that lifestyle and own every bit of the aesthetic yourself. You just have to realize that there is a “driving” aspect to this whole equation. ( BTW: Italian women, how do you do it?! I admire you so much.)

Ready for image overload?  Continue reading

Controversial Monday: LadyVespas and Gear, or Lack Thereof) Part 1

Scooter Chic: Safety Decisions for the LadyVespa: 

Pretty sure those lovely blue heels don’t fit in the ATGATT system,

The photo above is one of many examples how objectifying women could result in causing them harm when reality finally sets in. 

 Everywhere in the scooter culture, and community, you easily find various representations of women on a vespa/scooter. As with the rest of the general culture, these representations are meant to satisfy the male gaze and not really give character or substance to the woman herself. She is reduced to a [sexy] object riding another object: her safety isn’t an issue as long as she is visually pleasing. When you don’t see women wearing safety gear in many of those images (beyond the helmet, which is sometimes present), how does that start to affect your perception [as a woman] of the risks and dangers inherent to riding on two wheels? What does it mean when this reality isn’t considered nor reflected for us as women scooterist?

As a woman scooterist, I find myself always on the lookout for articles/photo shoots online that bring a change of perspective into this little ‘ol vespa world of ours. This includes trying to find images of other woman who scoot, so that I can learn from them and gain a better understanding of what is going on out there in the wider scooter community. These scooter babes are everywhere across the internet within these communities, and, while I adore these photos myself,  I know there is a conflict between these images and reality.  Continue reading

Vespa Chic, Vespa Messenger Bag and Driving in Tel Aviv

My New Vespa Flare, 

Yesterday was my first drive into Tel Aviv on the ‘pa. I only went there with one aim: to look at the Marni Collection at H&M.  I somehow ended up with nothing from that store, but a lot of little things from various others I wasn’t aware existed. To note, what was left at the store wasn’t worth all the buzz I’ve seen and heard about the [Marni] collection. It is overpriced, over sized, and cheaply made (-so therefore looks horribly cheap). They didn’t have any of the jewelry, so I can’t really say much about that side of the collection. (I admit to being a bit in love with the little white flower necklace, but wasn’t able to find it.) So instead of buying anything from there, I wondered around trying to only window shop. Of course that only worked for a brief second or so. I’ve been scouting the web for cute vepsa related accessories for a while but haven’t seen anything I couldn’t live without. Then I passed this one store and noticed a pair of cute shoes first, which drew me inside where my eyes landed on the collection of various vespa bags! I almost broke out into a happy dance because I’ve already seen so many of those bags online and didn’t think I would see them in Israel for sale- anywhere! I might have drove the sales guy crazy since I wanted to look closer at half of the bags till I found the one:

the one that must be mine,

It is cool, chic, and effortless.  A brown washed leather with a few details placed around it as to get your attention but not outdo itself. I never really understood why women like bags with all that hardware. It makes the bag look cheap and bulky. You don’t need all that around to drawl in attention, or at least the attention you want.  The bag should have been designed well enough to not need all of that ‘glitter and gold’. Perfect example being the Sofia Coppola LV bag.

It’s like buttah,  Continue reading