Update for The Tabula Rasa Street Art Project

This is update to my first post on the Jlem Street Art Scene (Tabula Rasa), found by clicking this.

The very nature of street is that is is in a constant state of change and growth. The reality of this art form is, from the moment of completion, decay and altercations. The artist isn’t able to control that ebb and flow once they release it and therefor being able to document it somehow makes it more valid as a part of the history of the space in which it was found.

A clever play on the Hebrew spelling of Jerusalem.  Continue reading

Vespa Adventures, Jerusalem Street Art

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Tabula Rasa: Jerusalem Urban Art Project #Shuk Machane Yehuda We had to make an unexpected trip into Jerusalem today to renew my scooter insurance, and what would a trip to Jlem be without a quick walk through the Machane Yehuda Shuk? I mostly like to go around this area because there is always some new, political street art that pops up and strikes… Read more.

Israel Street Art:

Rehovot Edition.

‘Rehovot for Change’

One of my fascinations is street art and graffiti- especially that which is more political in tone. I plan on expanding my photo catalog in the following months and providing a visual guide to some of the street art within Israel’s cities. You could somewhat call it a “little Berlin” and even stumble across some old Banksy pieces in a few places I most likely won’t be riding my Vespa. Funky Tel Aviv is dripping in endless ranges of both graffiti and street art, while Jerusalem slowly surprises you with just how bold she can be down those dark alleyways. Rehovot has proven to be a sassy sidekick between the two extremes of TA’s in-your-face approach and Jlem’s subtle cat and mouse game.