Vespa Vantage Views: Judean Hills

These photos were taken the weekend after I bought the ‘ol Vepsa. Shot outside of Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha (30 minutes outside of Jerusalem), on a nearby side street leading towards several treasure troves of state parks and Judean Mountain range views. Plus the Muslim Village below the kibbutz, Abu Gosh, has the best hummus around! Every Saturday, Israelis from all over the country make their way there to eat in one of the many restaurants. I’ll make sure to do a Vespa Adventure post for Abu Gosh and surrounding area when the weather is better. Continue reading

Vespa Camera Experiment

Trying to be resourceful this weekend and save a bit of money,

I went about putting bits and pieces together to create a makeshift vespa camera harness so that I could try and film rides. I took a mini tri-pod stand, some rope and headed down to see if I could fashion something stable enough to record rides with the camera I already had. After looking up helmet cameras and finding the starting price at around $150, I wanted to see if there way a way I could use the tools around me to make something work just as well. (And save $150 plus!) Continue reading

Beyond the Scoot: D.I.Y. Cappuccino at Home.

I am going to introduce a new feature to the blog today called, “Beyond The Scoot”. While most of my post have some tie-in to the business of scooting (Vespa Lifestyle), some of them might confuse you as to why the appear on this blog. Although you might not think DIY Cappuccinos have anything to do with scooter, the money you save from spending it at cafes can go towards gas and more adventures out riding. I usually don’t write from Friday through Sunday, so these days will most likely feature the “Beyond The Scoot” post if they do show up. Somehow, I’ll tie it all together in the end and you’ll have some handy, dandy information that can be of  some use.

The magic that makes it all happen is, 

a french press.

I know myself how important the coffee culture is for some people and understand how a good cup of coffee can absolutely make your day. Since I have been living here in Israel, I have found that the coffee culture here (while alive and kicking) is completely different from the cafe style at home. Going out for coffee is almost an event for me and I want to be able to stay and enjoy it, without being rushed or having the feeling that I’ve overstayed my welcome.

Coffee here seems more of an afterthought, as many places locals go for coffee are full-on restaurants where you feel silly for ordering only your little cup of coffee. Plus, as with the stateside coffee houses, coffee here is not cheap. Often times you’ll find that you just paid 20 NIS for your drink and it taste horrible. So, the main question is how to still have quality, cafe style coffee and bypass the mess of having to return to cafes that don’t offer the coffee culture that you seek?

Do-It-Yourself Cappuccino at Home!  Continue reading

I just wanted to write a little note to those of you who have followed this blog or stop by every now and then,

Thank you for reading!!

And to spread the love, I found another blog that recently started up this month that is all about the safe scooting. The writer has tons of motorcycle and scooter experience (33 year riding and 20 years in motorcycle training), so his articles [so far] have been packed with great safety information. One of his post focuses on the psychology of visibility(the X-Motion and Z-Motion). He explains why people are always pulling out in front of you and how to change your riding habits so you are more likely to be seen. The information he provides is invaluable, if you want to drive safely. And you do!

So check out his blog,

Thank You Followers and Readers!