Unveiled Today at EICMA: Vespa 946

It is official: this is the new face of Vespa!

On the LaVespaVite.com Blog they wrote, 

“Today, after having put more than seventeen million vehicles on streets throughout the world, and becoming a legend worldwide, Vespa unveils its future at EICMA in Milan, Italy.

It does so by directly referring to its original product, the MP6 prototype, first embryo of the Vespa from which, in the spring of 1946, the world’s most famous scooter was born, an Italian and unsurpassed icon of style and creativity.

Distilling the purest essence of those traits which marked forever the aesthetics of individual mobility, forcefully entering our everyday life and enhancing the lines which made it famous, the Pontedera Style Center projects the Vespa in a new generation in which references and projections, tradition and innovation, seamlessly merge. Once again Vespa is ahead of its time, projecting itself into a future marked by style and technology at the service of a better quality of life. Continue reading

Bloggin’ Vespa: Rare Vespa Photos of the Day!

Today I found a blog that featured two older shots taken of vespas that I have not yet come across and had to share them here. Check out this rather fabulous post about the history of the Vespa over at Bella Rustica’s Blog.

The first one is a great moment captured of  Audrey Hepburn that I have yet to see. I do say, she is something else:

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Ladyvespas: fierceness defined. 

 (Photo Credit: taken from the article, AARON HARRIS/FOR THE TORONTO STAR.)

I am so happy that, slowly, more and more articles about woman scooterists/motorcyclist are being written that takes the focus away from them as  sex symbols and more towards them being seen as regular riders and respected as such. I recently saw this one article posted by the Vespa Americas FB Page and wanted to share it here:

Scooter style: How to look good but avoid road rash.  (more…)

A blog I found earlier today ended up being from the same guy I’ve seen posting on the Modern Vespa forums, that I noticed because his profile photo was the Israeli Vespa Club photo (and of course, his location said Israel).  As I was browsing through his blog treppenwitz.com (not as vespa-centric as this one), I found out that he made the ‘Vespa View of Jerusalem’ video on YouTube that I’ve seen before. The video is of him testing out his helmet camera and driving through the old city of Jerusalem, introducing the various parts of the Old City during the drive.

Check it out below,


I tried last week to film during my ride by using what I had already (camera, mini tripod and string) with okay results, but I may just have to break down and get an actual helmet camera. I would really love to add that visual aspect to this blog in the near future and be able to show off more of the Vespa Lifestyle and Israel that way. I’ll figure something out, but in the meantime I’ll just have to make due with my resourcefulness.

To note, the Modern Vespa forums are downright amazing. I needed some advise and people there were quick to help me figure out how to troubleshoot the problem I was having with RoxyV. If you haven’t visited those boards yet and own a vespa, you need to get on over there! Amazing folks, that lot! Modern Vespa Forums

Vespa’s Big Screen Cameos

I saw this video over on the SCOOTIN’ OLD SKOOL Blog, here on WordPress, and wanted to share it here with y’all:

The video itself comes from YouTube user MartinRacingPerf (http://www.youtube.com/user/MartinRacingPerf), who has made a lot of good little videos about various scooter details. (But this movie montage above is my favorite.)

Now, this is one product placement item I don’t mind being forced to see! Bring on the Vespas, Hollywood, I dare ya!