Roxy Vespa, what?

Shalom y’all.

Hi. Right before I bought my new-used Vespa , I wasnt able to find a blog out there in the exact format and style that brought me the information I wanted to know focusing on the pearls of owning a Vespa. There was a huge void in this area of the Internet. With all the information that was available online, I noticed that there seemed to be a total lack of a feminine narrative that annoyed me a bit too. 

This lead me to set up this blog that [I hope] challenges what seemed to be a male-centric arena, while also writing about exploring and challenging a country that isnt use to seeing a woman driving a scooter. I am here to break through some austere stereotypes and set a few records straight, in my own pop-art stylistic narration. 

 I want to present the howswhenswheres, and whys of owning a Vespa that relates to my experience here in Israel, and also expand on that by adding a travel element in the mix and exploring this contradictory country through Vespa Adventures.  I hope to write about a wide spectrum of topics and happenings here in the following months, although I might throw in some random interest of mine along the way (like, Israel Street Art)- to keep this sauce spicy. It is a bit more of a pop-art type take and explanation of the Vespa experience, so while there is some fluff, I hope you’ll also find this blog informative and, if not, at least visually pleasing.  I choose a darker, more sassy theme to represent the blog appearance, although I struggled with choosing a more pleasing, classic and minimalist theme option. RoxyVespa is nothing without the sass, so this marvelous Vertigo Theme (Inspired by Sam Bass, made by Matthew Buchanan) fit quiet well.

 From time to time, being that I am a photographer, there may be more photos than words and that is just how it is going to be. This is how I express myself and communicate my experience of the Vespa Lifestyle, so I hope you enjoy that aspect of this blog as well. So sit back and just enjoy the view. 

(Caption: The photo below is not crazy propaganda for Israel. I just have a thing for flags in photos and thought it was nice shading. Plus is works for the following paragraph.)

A Sensitive Issue, I know:

In relation to writing this based in Israel, I personally am always trying to figure out my place here beyond the cultural shock and politics.

With the Vespa, you can kind of forget about all of that mess for a little while and just enjoy the ride- without the politics found here. 

This blog is all about my take on the “Vespa Lifestyle” and how that translates into the various interests and talents I have beyond the expected dialogue coming out of from Israel.

Becoming part of the scooter community has been a breath of fresh air, and we could all use that every now and then.

 I hope that you enjoy reading these notes and find some useful information about the Vespa Lifestyle that relates to your experience. Cheers!

Thanks and enjoy the ride,


P.S. I am a horrible editor. I apologize. I will try my best to fix all and any errors. Just have patience with me, on that front, and I’ll keep you in supply of lovely photos with Vespas in them. Deal? = )

19 responses to “Roxy Vespa, what?

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  2. sweet! good luck 🙂

  3. EllaDee

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  4. This makes me want to buy a Vespa!

  5. Wow. glad I found this. Coming from both a punk background, where the Vespa is a cultural icon amongst mods and skins, and having lived and visited Israel plenty of times (I’ve got lots of family and friends there), I can tell that this is a gonna be a fun blog to follow. BTW, on my most recent trip to Israel this past month, I took, like, over 100 photos of Israeli street art alone, which I always find to be better and better every time I visit.

    • Toda, thank you very much for that. I’ve only been here for about 2 years now (off and on), so I am still trying to get the hang of this culture. The roads might be getting better, but it is the Israeli Drivers that you watch out for. Sheeeeesh. Crazy mofos. Did you get most of the street art in Tel Aviv? (Or where?) I really like coming across it and want to do more with it in the future. Looking forward to checking out updates from your blog as well! Cheers! = )

      • Some of the art was in Tel Aviv, but most of it was in Yerushaluyim. I also like taking pictures of signage and over-postered walls, where there is an eventually cacaphony of old and new posters. I got some good signage in Machane Yehuda and lots of postered-up walls in Meah She’arim.

  6. pgowesky

    I love the idea of your blog! Looks great.

  7. Cool site. Makes me want a vespa. Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way.

  8. Emma

    I love all your photos! Like you, where I live people are not used to seeing women ride scooters (there are very few scooters here at all). It’s been great to meet other people who face the same type of challenges and stereotypes that I do. I will be keeping up with your lovely blog!

    • Thanks so much for such a sweet comment!! I haven’t been around much this summer, as I am back in the states… but should return shortly to Israel and get back to scootin’ about. I enjoy yours as well! Cheers and hope to give you need things to read…. soon. 😉

  9. The concept is wonderful. Xxx

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