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Bourbon Street: I hear you callin’ my name, girl.

Two wheels are king, when it comes to getting around in style, in the city of New Orleans. While street cars can also be a very classy way to scoot from place to place, if you are a local you know you’ll most likely need to get around beyond those touristy location lines. After my last stop in Nola, I am happy to report that this city is certainly not lacking in Vespa-love, nor Vespa-sass. Here is a gallery of daily life for Vespas who reside in Nola,

And just for the hipsters in the Bywater, 

You and your avant-garde bikes, oh you. (If you’ve ever lived in the Bywater area, you know exactly what I mean.) I took this shot just before the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show, so it makes sense.


This post shall conclude my mini-series of Vespa photography from various cities throughout the states I shot this past summer. As always, I saved the best for last. Cheers y’all.

2 responses to “More Photos From Nola: Two Wheeled Kings of New Orleans!

  1. I hate to tell you this, but from my point of view as a NOLA resident, streetcars are far more than touristy. We actually commute on them. And… it’s big clunk bikes that many folks use for tooling around. 🙂

    • Yes, yes that is correct. I also lived Uptown and used that streetcar almost everyday when I lived there in ’10- to avoid traffic and the hassles of St. Charles via car. I used the Canal Stcar a lot this previous trip and remembered that many locals use it as well. It is a great place to have conversation. (BTW: Locals are getting screwed with all that mess they are doing for the Super Bowl. The same thing happened in Detroit. I couldn’t believe that the city was making such a mess for the people who live there with the new streetcar construction. It kind of pissed me off to see the utter disregard for the people who actually live in the city.) The streetcar gets you to a good amount of the parts [within the city that] you want to go, but I still think owning some other kind of self-reliant transportation is very useful in this city. Especially when it happens to be a Vespa. 😉 But let me tell you, the road conditions are a whole other issue. Whew. I almost bought a Smart Car while I was there… that would have been very bad idea with those bumps everywhere.

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