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Unveiled Today at EICMA: Vespa 946

It is official: this is the new face of Vespa!

On the Blog they wrote, 

“Today, after having put more than seventeen million vehicles on streets throughout the world, and becoming a legend worldwide, Vespa unveils its future at EICMA in Milan, Italy.

It does so by directly referring to its original product, the MP6 prototype, first embryo of the Vespa from which, in the spring of 1946, the world’s most famous scooter was born, an Italian and unsurpassed icon of style and creativity.

Distilling the purest essence of those traits which marked forever the aesthetics of individual mobility, forcefully entering our everyday life and enhancing the lines which made it famous, the Pontedera Style Center projects the Vespa in a new generation in which references and projections, tradition and innovation, seamlessly merge. Once again Vespa is ahead of its time, projecting itself into a future marked by style and technology at the service of a better quality of life.

Vespa 946, with unswerving fidelity to the original idea, adopts the solution of the monocoque frame. The structure, unique in its kind, is made of welded steel but, for the first time in Vespa history, is embellished with elements in aluminum alloy.

The result is a unique and valuable piece which acquires a special place in the magnificent history of Vespa, an object destined to perform its natural function of mobility at the highest level but which immediately represents an object of distinction in the urban and metropolitan landscape. Vespa 946 is a unique and evocative object which embodies and exhibits with class all the values of style and elegance which derive from the nobility of its origin. Vespa 946 expresses the maximum value possible in the scooter world and projects Vespa in the elite of luxury brands.”

I have waited for official word from the Vespa company, itself, about this mysterious 946 model to no avail for the past year. Well tonight (or today, depending of your location), we finally got word about Vespa’s facelift.

 It screams “URBAN” to me and seems that it will be something that shall only be marketed towards fierce, individualistic-minded urban-dwellers, who have money to spend. (The language of the blog post over at seems to point at nothing less than this being a very expensive toy.)

There isn’t any news of prices nor how many will be produced, but I hope they don’t insist on taking all of our money away should we decide that we cannot live without one of these new babes.

I approve wholeheartedly.  So Vespa, if you need someone to test drive one of these loves over here in Israel, you know who to get in touch with.

Update: Check out the Vespa 946 site for more details. Here is a “limited edition lookbook ” as well:

What are your thoughts about the redesign? Do you like all the new curves? Or does it turn you off?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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Love to hear some of your thoughts below!

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