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Here are many, many more photos of the ever lovely Vespa Menz for y’all who like that sort of thing.

A huge collection of well-known fellows, from across the globe, who have posed for the camera with their beloved Vespa. 

Shalom, you! Tons more photos in the slide show below, 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A big thanks to New York Scooter Club Facebook page, who created this collection of photos over on their page. Cheers!

I’ll take two! Hehe. 

To read the first piece about the “Menz of Vespa” search, click this link. This is my take of the visual landscape of Vespa over the years and why we need more MEN on Vespas, at least for the women who want something to look at also. P.S. I never heard back from any Israeli male models, but I am still open to shooting any men willing to pose on their Vespa. We can do this! Hehe.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend, y’all.

One response to ““Hey Girl, I wanna ride a vespa with you!” More Photos of The Menz on Vespas! Happy Friday!

  1. thhx My friend
    Best regard …and ride
    good day to Paris

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