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A Vespa Story from Fellow Israeli Blogger, Treppenwitz.

I’ve sent a shout out to a fellow Israeli Blogger Treppenwitz, who knows the joys of getting around Israel on a vespa, a while back here on the blog. In that post, I mentioned a little video he uploaded of his driving through J-lem’s Old City on the ‘pa. Today I wanted to share a very lovely story of his about kindness, women on scooters, and what happens to cute outfits worn on vespas in reality. I’ve included his story below and be sure to check out his blog!

This photo comes from Treppenzitz’s blog and was taken this past March when a great surprise happened in the country: SNOW!


Being someone’s knight in shining armor: 

I had a meeting in Tel Aviv not too long ago, and to get there, I had to take my scooter onto a fast moving highway called the ‘Ayalon’.

At one point I found myself following a nicely dressed young woman riding a little retro looking scooter. 

What struck me as odd was that she was holding onto the right grip with her right hand, with her left hand out of sight in front of he body… and she was following a somewhat erratic line.

At first I thought she might be texting on her cell phone, but when I swung into the parallel lane to pass her, a quick glance told the whole sorry tale.

She was dressed in heels, a pencil skirt and lightweight blouse… which she was unsuccessfully trying to keep from blowing completely open to expose a frilly little push-up bra.

The shoulder of the highway was littered with piles of construction debris, so she didn’t really have the option of pulling over to safely re-button her blouse.

My exit was coming up so I passed her, moved over to the right lane and rode my scooter up the ramp to the red light at the end.

Within a few seconds, the girl with the wardrobe malfunction pulled up next to me and started fussing with her blouse buttons. I’m a bit ashamed to admit how closely I must have been looking to have noticed, but the top two or three buttons of her blouse were gone; having probably popped off when the first gust of highway wind filled up the fabric.

After a beat, I popped open my glove box because I was pretty sure I had one or two of those freebie hotel sewing kits tossed in there for an emergency. Sure enough, it was there among the pens, fuses, pocket knife, electrical tape and handy wipes.

I opened the little cardboard sleeve of the sewing kit, fished out the two little safety pins that were there, and handed them over to the girl whose cheeks inside her three-quarter helmet were as red as my Vespa.

Almost immediately after she’d taken the safety pins from my hand, the light changed and I started to pull out.

The shouted words that followed me into the intersection (and throughout the rest of my workday) were אתה אביר שלי (you’re my knight!).

Such opportunities to help a damsel in distress are so few and far between, that the afterglow of a successful ‘rescue’ is enough to put a spring in my step for days, or even weeks afterwards. I figured I’d share the story with you in case you needed a reason to carry around a little sewing kit with you on your daily quests.”

A rather good way  to sign off for the week! I hope that once I get back to Israel, I can take Mr Treppenwitz and his daughter up on their offer to go scoot around! 


Olympics start tonight!

Y’all have a good one! Cheers and Shalom.

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  1. Check out this friggin’ lamp with laser beams attached to it’s head:

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