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So fellow scooter gals and LadyVespa, shoes. Shoes! By this point, I’ve done a good number of posts about being a responsible women rider, who wear responsible clothing and gear (yadda yadda yadda). Although I feel this piece is needed to balance all that safety gear information out and give some other examples. We all know how these following shoe choices would be absolutely fabulous to wear out on little rides around the city! These heels were made for us,

Of course, walking in these heels are a different story, but sitting on a vespa and riding around looking cute is fairly easy! (They call me “Grace”, and in the heels in these photos below, I’d mostly be sitting down than trying to walk in them.) Whatever you choose to wear on your vespa (and feet) is up to you, but if you were able (without thinking about real world limitations- mainly funding) to own the shoes of your dreams, which would they be? Below are some designer heels that I would love to own and wear out in Tel Aviv someday on the ‘pa, if I didn’t have to think about the price tags that adorn them:

Favorite of favorites:  

Christian Louboutin Picks And Co 120mm Crystal Pumps.

(Source: Picks and Co.)

Oh lord yes, please. These shoes are from this past Spring collection, but who cares: they are fierce and beyond fabulous. There is a black version, but for some reason I like these a bit more. Everyplace I’ve seen comments about these shoes say that the photos do not even begin to do them justice in the detail and quality. I do have a bit of “beef” with the man behind these red sole shoes, Christian Louboutin, himself. He makes shoes for a group of people he seems to completely dislike. If you look at the shoes alone, you can tell that the creator doesn’t consider the women who will be wearing these, as these things are not going to be made for much walking at all. I consider myself to be a complete human, and being able to move in shoes I wear is a part of that complete existence. So, yeah, these shoes are amazing, but there is a bit of hesitation for shelling out this amount of money towards a designer who hates me and isn’t interested in my health (or any of our health, as women who wear his shoes) whatsoever. Whatever, the shoes are delicious. Screw the man behind them: red soles for everyone, especially when they are this divine.

(Okay, maybe I was too hard on the guy, but he doesn’t like women: ‘Comfort Is Like a Sad, Puffy Woman’. If you are creating things for women (high fashion or not), you should at least support the idea that we come in various sizes and shapes. This would include that fact that we have various ideals of what style is and that we deserve a right to choose “comfort” fashion items if that is our cup or tea. Respect.)

Second choice: 

TESSA: Add some sparkle to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe with these 100mm heel sequin detailed Mary Jane sandals.

(Source: Jimmy Choo.)

These new Fall beauties are just that: beautiful and classic. Now, I haven’t seen any of these choices up close and can’t vouch them then yet in that respect, but from the photos online they seems pretty okay. I prefer the Choos to the above brand, as it seems this fashion house thinks a little more about the comfort of the women who will be wearing their shoes. Bravo, I say. I have a few more from Choo that need to be included just below (links only),

Last, but not least: 

Alexander McQueen, Leather Skull Knee-High Boots


I know these are boots and not heels, but these must be included on my list. The thing with heels is that you most likely won’t wear them but for special occasions, but when you purchase boots for riding it just makes all kinds of sense. That way you can trick yourself into a little splurge, as you will most likely be wearing those babies just about everywhere city and out of the city on highways and the like.

To note: those ankle boots, even if just for city rides (shorter rides), make me a bit nervous. I worry about my ankle more in these than even the highest of heels, which seems goofy but is nonetheless something that I think about. They don’t really offer much support at all for your left and seem to make rolling you ankle even more likely than a heel (with some ankle support) would provide. Just be aware of the limits of whatever shoe choice you end up riding in and know their benefits (beyond looks) and their limitations! (A cute ankle boot, just for fun:  Alexandre Birman, Python and Suede Bow Ankle Boots.)


General Tips: 

  • If you are going to buy these fancy shoes for riding, know that the sole (red or otherwise) will show wear faster than just walking in them. Try your best to care for the shoes and know that if there is an accident, well, both your feet and those shoes are done for.
  • Boots are the best and safest bet! You can splurge here, as you will most likely be wearing these out of every ride, multiple times a day. I am a bit of a modest and responsible buyer, so I tend to think that investing in good boots that are a little bit fancier is okay.
  • You can also store your “city shoes” in a bag or in the vespa seat storage and change out whatever “highway shoes” for those when you arrive to your location. This is an excellent way to get in all your fashion choice, without being reckless on the highways in 5in heels.
  • Take care of yourself and have fun! The visuals and looks you’ll get with these types of shoes on will be funny, to say the least. You’ll come home with tons of new numbers, too.

For you readers, here are some questions and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments:

Which designer shoes do you adore and lust after?

Which could you see yourself wearing around, be it a daydream or reality, in the city? 

Which brands are your favorite and do you think are the most practical for women riders?

Any thoughts on these matters are greatly appreciated! 

Happy riding, y’all! Have a great, lovely day!

Love to hear some of your thoughts below!

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