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Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life, with Vespas. 

I won’t go into more of this than I need, but I cam across a video clip of the Craig Ferguson Late Night Show that has really stayed with me, since viewing it last night. Last nights show was already pre-recorded, but Craig decided that he needed to address the recent event and he did so in a very touching and masterful way. The story is on and you can view the link by clicking here, Craig Ferguson Forgoes His Monologue for a Soulful Rumination.

Upon reflecting on my last post, which was published about 24 hours (or so) before this tragic business, I believe that something inside of me felt that those word were needed. Not exactly those words, but that the intentions they were seeking that needed to be pushed out into the world and, I hope, gain some traction in what needs to happen without our world. We need compassion for another and to honor the fact that we are human and that there is value in that single fact. If we forget this, what becomes of us? As Craig Ferguson put it best, “We’re all diminished by this”. 

If you want to read more about the updated status of those who were hurt during this terrible act, please click this link. I will not address certain other aspects of this event, as I believe the focus should be on the people who were hurt or lost their lives. We should honor them instead of give all the attention to whatever is beyond them.

UPDATE: I wanted to also include this story, that I just read and is important, here that is also taken from Jezebel: The Shining Knights of the Aurora Movie Theater.

I, being the fiery redhead I believe myself to be, would personally like to honor the life of Jessica Ghawi (click link to read more about her life). She is also a Texan Redhead, but I don’t think I even begin to measure up to the greatness that she brought to the title, “fiesty redhead“.  Her story is absolutely one of complete fate and random happenstance, as she somehow narrowly cheated death about a week before in Toronto. She reflected upon this tragedy in her own blog:

“I was shown how fragile life was on Saturday,” Jessica, who went by the last name Redfield professionally, wrote. “I saw the terror on bystanders’ faces. I saw the victims of a senseless crime. I saw lives change. I was reminded that we don’t know when or where our time on Earth will end. When or where we will breathe our last breath.” -Taken from NPR article.

She will be greatly missed, not only now by her close friends and family, by all a nation whose lives she touched by her charm and love of life.

Rest in peace, Jessica.

Thank you, for reminding us to embrace life and to honor it with all of ourselves. 

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