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Sometime you need things and sometimes things are just too cute to pass up. This charming little coin purse I found over at was the latter option and is now mine. That Etsy place is a very dangerous online hang out if you love cute things that are quality made. So beware if you do go over there to view, as it can get hard to stop pressing the buy button.

If you are ever in need of vespa items for some reason, do a search there for either “vespa” or “scooter” and you’ll find tons of cutesy (kitsch-type) things. Oy, I found one item that I did not yet purchase, but I was thrilled that something like it even existed. When I end up buying it, I’ll share it here with y’all. (It is beyond.) The best thing about shopping over at is that you are buying from the people themselves and are directly supporting their art and trade. I like that idea a lot. 

I found this particular item below from a store called Cheeky Leopard, based out of Tokyo. Here is the photo that she took for the item over at her store on,

She has tons of cute items for sale over there, and if you are in need of a cute coin purse/wallet check out her store! There are more cute designs and patterns beyond just the vespa, I promise! She also wrapped it ever so lovely and shipped it to me rather fast, so it was a great transaction for me (being one of my first). She gave me a little shout-out to RoxyVespa on her blog, too! Thank you, Cheekyleopard!!

Also a photo from one of my last days in Israel to end this post, 

The photo was taken from inside one of those random bus stops placed all around the country, around Highway 395. (To be absolutely fair, this one is actually useful and fairly busy.) The view was lovely (to me, at least) and I wanted a way to remember these smaller details when I needed a reminder.

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