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Poppies from Israel fields, spring. 

For me, my vespa is a true gift that keeps on giving in unexpected ways,  wrapped up in the disguise of a distraction. Distraction. At least, that is what everyone else seems to think of my little machine that could. “A hobby” is the excuse my partner uses towards my ‘pa and still fails to recognize that it has become so much more than just that for me. (I think he says that sometimes because he is jealous at all the attention I pay towards my vespa, that is no longer aimed in his direction.) I do not think that I am alone in this either.

It is an identity and a lifestyle, for me. For other vespa owners who have more devotees around them, it can easily move from a lifestyle to a cult-like following that is rather fun to be apart of. It is kind of silly (which is okay) and in that silliness, there are friendships and communities built that come to endure the tests of time and develop in ways no one could have predicted. 

This is the 66th year of the Vespa creation we all so admire and I am beyond happy to finally be part of this celebration and community. Below I’ve added a few articles (and events from this past June) that talk further about this particular brand of cult, if your interested.

This past month was one great celebration of just such a collection of people, who came together to enjoy something they all love intensely: Vespas. The 2012 Vespa World Days was held this year in London, from 14-17 June, and seemed to be a great success.

From their page,

To celebrate our 60th anniversary the Vespa Club of Britain has agreed to do something special, run Vespa World Days in the United Kingdom.  This is a big project and therefore the planning started in 2007.

 Eurovespa was an annual Vespa rally run between 1954 and 2007, (with a decade-long break in the 1970s), Vespa lovers gathered at Eurovespa for the grandest, largest, proudest rally known to scooterkind.

 On 14th March 2006 Vespa World Club was created by Piaggio & C. S.p.A. and the Piaggio Foundation to promote, unite and co-ordinate all the Vespa clubs in the world. Eurovespa transformed into Vespa World Days, in 2007, under the supervision of the Vespa World Club. 

 Each year there is a meeting between Presidents of National Vespa Clubs, Vespa World Club and Piaggio to discuss the running of Vespa World Club and to decide where future Vespa World Days will be hosted. Vespa World Days is run by National Vespa Clubs.”

First you have this fabulous rally across the pond in London, and then the next week over in Wisconsin, you have the 2012 Amerivespa Rally. Cool, folks.
Amerivespa 2012 !
It was only a few days after the big shindig over the pond and located in the lovely setting of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I missed it by a few weeks, as I head up that way very soon! Oy. Just missed this one! If you are around this area and have any ideas on places I should stop while in the area, please get in touch with me. I will be driving up from Texas to Chicago, IL, and I know there must be some great vespa-oriented place to stop in between those two locations. Any ideas, let me know!
But back to Amerivespa: They had the keen aim during the event to get a world record number of vespas together for the main parade,
“Vespa Club of America (VCOA) is proud to host the 20th annual Amerivespa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, June 21-24, 2012. “Club” Scoot Jockeys and Midwest Action Cycle are enthusiastic co-hosts for what will be a retro themed rally with great touring throughout the Lake Geneva area and beyond. This year we will be featuring a world’s largest scooter parade attempt. The parade attempt will be sanctioned by the foremost authority in record keeping. Join us in putting the scooter world on notice! Whether you’re riding vintage or modern you’re all invited. We’re going to need a whole lot of scooters!”
That is all so exciting! I would love to attend one of these functions someday. I believe there might still be a few happening across the states that I will look into attending, if I can get myself there for those celebrations. If anyone here knows of anything in the states (Texas, specifically) that the local Vespa community is planning for later this summer, please let me know! Maybe I can meet you down there!
In other vepsa devotee news, 

16 Brands That Have Fanatical Cult Following:

Guess who is one of those brands?

“Many scooter companies have come and gone in the 67 years since the Vespa was created, but this iconic Italian motorino has withstood the test of time. The sleek bike helped millions achieve mobility in the post WWII era, and still enjoys wild popularity worldwide.

On, there are currently 43 groups in North America dedicated to Vespa riding and culture. “The San Diego Scooter Squadron” and “NYC Scooter Chicks” are among the groups inviting prospective members to join them for bike rides and tip-sharing.

Read more:

Some other brands that wouldn’t surprise you are Harley Davidson, Trader Joes, Apple, and others. Click the above link if you want to read more on the list and why they were included in the list.

Photo from a ride on those Rehovot streets in Israel.


“It was not just the consequence of such advertising campaigns that even today the Vespa is seen as one of the most appealing scooters ever made. In 1946 the Italian engineer Corradino d’Ascanio came up with the very first prototype. At this stage it was called ‘Paperino’, Italian for ‘duckling’ and it was at 60 kilometres an hour a quite quick duck. The client was the firm Piaggio and in fact Corradino d`Ascanio was an aircraft builder and not particularly enthusiastic about motor scooters. But because of this… or maybe in spite of this… he developed a very elegant and graceful machine. The motor was completely concealed beneath the body panels and d’Ascanio opted for direct drive of the rear wheel instead of using unreliable drive-chain technology. A further advantage of his choice… the Vespa rider would not be obliged to fiddle with any oily chain and get his hands dirty.”

Is there anything you are a bit obsessed about yourself? What things or brands do you find yourself “head over heels” about? Share your quirks with us! It will be liberating. Trust.

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