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I cannot believe it: 10,000 views. Wow. Thank you everyone who has joined me on this journey.

I am now fairly settled in the States and have enjoyed the details of life here this past week.

Every time I see two wheels pass me by, as I now ride on four, I do feel a tinge of sadness for the Vespa I left behind in Israel. I wonder what adventures I would get myself into if I had one here at my disposal. Now that would be rather amazing. I think New Orleans would be the city I’d most yearn to rediscover via Vespa, but I am not sure I could handle that much awesome. Ha. Luckily, I have now made sure this stop (to New Orleans) is one we’ll make on this trip. This fact makes me very happy. If you guys can ever make it to that city, do and enjoy the strange and local flair. 

But alas, for now, I shall keep my travels to four wheels and see where those take me. I will try and get at least one post up a week, if not more. I have so much to catch up on from the past few months and most of those post will include photos and travels throughout Israel that I wasn’t able to get together properly while there. So fret not: there is much more Israel coming your way during my time away. There will be a little of this and a little of that, with some detail always connecting back to the wonderous Vespa Lifestyle.

For now, friends, I hope that your summer months are lovely and that you enjoy your time in the sun’s lovely hues. Enjoy yourself and keep checking back for the occasional post here on Roxy Vespa! Cheers.


P.S. I just saw this commercial on the TeeVee and was so excited about the concept (beyond the product) of the woman rider and how “tough” they made her character. Well done, or so I thought. The presentation might not be perfect, but it sure as hell is challenging a few norms for women riders in popular culture. This is a good thing to see. Plus, she is in full gear! Yay.

Alter Ego TV Commercial:


See It Again TV Commercial:


This girl just stole my heart. Who cares about the product, more focus on this woman’s story. Women look good in gear. Fin.


Y’all have a great weekend! It’s great to have these lazy American Sundays back: yay for brunch plans!

7 responses to “Beyond the Scoot: 10,000 Views(!!) and Nod to “Alter Ego” Commercial.

  1. gm barnett ⋅

    Welcome Home! Did you get those enchiladas yet? Yell when you get close to Houston – we will take you for a plate of cheesy goodness! Safe Scootering! Glenn

    • Thanks, Glenn! I have had some wonderful local foods again and it was time!! The chips and salsa was amazing. I don’t know if we are going to get that far, but thank you for the invite! I will surely let you know before hand, if plans change. = ) Hope that y’all have a great summer!

  2. sannekurz

    We’ll be going by scooter through the Pyrenees next months. Should you ever be in Europe, make sure you stop by.
    Congrats on hitting 10.000 🙂

  3. kaori

    Congrats on your 10,000! I was in Tel Aviv recently and saw a few very pretty Vespas and thought of you. Enjoy your time in the States… I sure miss those brunches!

    • Toda lady! There is this one old guy in TLV who rides a scooter that I have seen a few times. He brings the biggest smile to my face. He is so dapper in his attire and gosh, I just never have my camera on me when I run into him. = ) Paris trip is soon, right??!! My tips are just to enjoy yourself and save enough so that you can eat the amazing foods there. I was backpacking when I went there and didn’t really feel that I let myself get the “dream” that everyone knows Paris to be. Let yourself endulge a little… you deserve it. Do one of those boat tours, if you are okay with boats.

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