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Lookin’ the part of LadyVespa.

Fashion and style are matters of taste and found within the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to the ladies. I, personally, tend to like bolder pieces that garner second glances or inspire wonder about the piece itself. Riding on the vespa and trying to do it with safety and style in mind hasn’t been an easy feat, but I feel that I am coming closer to perfecting my version of what a Ladyvespa looks like. (A term I kind of made up, so just go with.)  


I love playing with the outfits that I wear during my rides and today was really happy with my outfit, as it was a great balance between my flare and style paired with safety and the expected look of those who ride vespas. Having all of those elements come together in any given outfit has proven to be quite a task for me, but I must say I loved this outfit. I added in my new scarf that I bought this past week and loved how it danced in the wind during my ride. It is light enough to wear out in the summer and I absolutely love the simplicity of its design and how it comes across. Great, sharp colour too.

While I was in Jerusalem this past week, I ended up walking by a little street fair with second-hand goods for sale and found something I couldn’t pass up:

This amazing mesh purse! Cute and perfect bag to use out on the scooter for all those little errands!

It is perfect for all the errands I do while out on the scooter, especially on those grocery runs. I usually run out on space fast and this bag will help me safely get things home after all the other space is full (seat storage, my backpack, and bag on the foot board). Plus it is perfect for storing in the seat till I need it because of its size and shape! Since you can tuck it under your arm, I thought it would be perfect to carry the foods that need to stay cool and cannot really be kept under the seat or for lighter purchases also. Perfect find and the woman who I bought it from agreed: “I knew that whomever bought this bag would really know how to best appreciate it and make it shine!”

Brining your own style to the clothes you wear out while riding is such a fun way to express yourself out on the road. (As if being on a vespa alone already didn’t do that already, ha!) You start to see over time where you feel most comfortable, in terms of the gear you wear and what the ride calls for (city vs. road), and better understand how the tweak those smaller details. This is why scarfs have always been a favorite accessory of mine. Do what you do and do it safely …with tons of flare! 

About kaie w. bird

A freelance photographer in Israel that likes to scoot about while documenting just about everything. P.S. I am a horrible editor. Forgive me.

3 responses to “Lookin’ the part of LadyVespa.

  1. looks fashionable 😀 what U’r recommended scooterist fashion for men?

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