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This is my last week here in Israel and I plan on getting in as much as I can before I leave, since I won’t be back for a good while. I’ve found plenty of drafts to complete and topics I’ve put aside lately to cover during my break, so my worries about what shall happen to this blog are no more! Before leaving, I plan on going to all of my favorite places and soaking in these last moments with landscapes I love and the people I adore.  Get ready for a week packed of fond farewells to some of my favorite places here in Israel, via Vespa Adventures and tons of photos. I plan on squeezing in at least one more ride to Tel Aviv-Jaffo area, more of the roads through the Judean Mountain terrian, try to get the courage to finally take the ‘pa to Jerusalem, scoot some more around the Abu Gosh/kibbutz area, and a few other places I’ve grown fond of during these past few months. I hope you enjoy these farewell posts and soak in all the sights with me, as I say a fond Shalom to Israel and my little Roxy Vespa (-only till October, not forever). 

Starting with Road 395, winding roads through the Judean Mountains,

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Most of these photos are from a specific spot on the road where the two lanes become one tiny, little lane for cars going either way. I love this part of the road the most, as it is the most thrilling and daring part of the ride. Today I decided to turn around and did it again(!), as the ride was going so well. I am not really exactly sure where it is on the google map version, but I included a shot to give you all an idea where it should be located:

Click to enlarge map.

A new week begins tomorrow for us here in Israel and it is going to be a great one!
Till next time, have a lovely one!

10 responses to “Last Week in Israel: Saying Shalom, via Vespa Adventures.

  1. I love that black and white photo. Enjoy the rest of your time in Israel.

  2. I’ll miss your Israel posts. Why don’t you post adventures from the other places you’re traveling too.

    • I’ll be able to post some Israel stuff that I just kind of forgot to get to these past few months, so there is more of that to come. Maybe some of the adventures in weekend posts. I hope to get a lot of fashion stuff going and shop for better gear there too! And, of course, focus on some of the basics that I keep in the draft bin. I hope it interests some of y’all!

  3. treppenwitz ⋅

    If you are planning to be in the Jerusalem area (or Judaen hills)on Friday let me know. I’d love to meet up for at least part of your ride.

    • Shall do, my friend. As of now, a bit unsure what our plans are (if any), so I’ll keep you posted. Hey, P.S. Would you ever drive a 125cc to Caesarea via the Costal Highway (not that road 4)? My partner almost killed me when I got home and said I was mental. I thought it was a nice ride… if a bit windy. I really want to go up to Haifa, but after that trip I don’t think I could handle it. IDK.

  4. I am leaving the Holy Land soon too! have a wonderful summer and keep posting:)

    • You too, yoush! Hope your last month(s) here are amazing… and that you are happy with your tea set. 😉 (I am thinking, …you’ll get it??!) As I wrote over at your place, I hope that you are inspired to write every now and then also. I’ll be back in October and ready for more!! = )

  5. You can take the person out of Israel, but you can’t take Israel out the person. Hope you get back to Israel soon!

    • October! A few months away to make me desire it all over again! It really does get into you like nothing else, huh? It is crazy how it happens like that for so many people.

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