This is my last week here in Israel and I plan on getting in as much as I can before I leave, since I won’t be back for a good while. I’ve found plenty of drafts to complete and topics I’ve put aside lately to cover during my break, so my worries about what shall happen to this blog are no more! Before leaving, I plan on going to all of my favorite places and soaking in these last moments with landscapes I love and the people I adore.  Get ready for a week packed of fond farewells to some of my favorite places here in Israel, via Vespa Adventures and tons of photos. I plan on squeezing in at least one more ride to Tel Aviv-Jaffo area, more of the roads through the Judean Mountain terrian, try to get the courage to finally take the ‘pa to Jerusalem, scoot some more around the Abu Gosh/kibbutz area, and a few other places I’ve grown fond of during these past few months. I hope you enjoy these farewell posts and soak in all the sights with me, as I say a fond Shalom to Israel and my little Roxy Vespa (-only till October, not forever).  (more…)