Vespa Adventures: Caesarea Aqueduct Beach, Israel


Caesarea (Hebrew: קֵיסָרְיָה‎‎; Arabic: قيسارية‎, Kaysaria; Greek: Καισάρεια)

I finally took a road trip that was outside of the general Rehovot-Kibbutz area this past Sunday. I decided it would be a great day as here Sunday is the beginning of the week and so the crowds at beach sites would be manageable. Plus, the weather was perfect for a long ride! I found out about this beach from a recent story over at (link is below) that listed some of the best beaches here in Israel to try to see. I had a bit of trouble finding the exact area, but after a few wrong turns I finally reach the aqueduct beach and it was well worth it. While I was there less than 20 people came and went, so we all basically had the entire beach to ourselves once we spread out. The beach itself does not have facilities and is free, but there is a basic shower to wash off with and a few “shade-trees” to sit under and keep out of the sun. No restrooms nor changing stations. Continue reading