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Vespa Lifestyle: Explained i

I received a few emails yesterday from people who weren’t really sure they knew anything about this “vespa lifestyle” that I spoke of and therefore wouldn’t be able to take part in the new contest. I got the feeling that maybe since they weren’t owners themselves, they somehow thought that they couldn’t offer their own version of what the iconic Vespa means and represent to/for them. Hogwash, is what I say to that! 

I’ve decided to do a few posts that focus specifically on what I’ve come to view as the “Vespa Lifestyle”, which has evolved and changed, as I have written this blog and become more exposed to the larger [vespa] community and what they value about the iconic vepsa. My interpretation isn’t necessarily what others would use to represent the ionic vepsa images they grew up with, but that is why I thought having people share their cultural experiences with the vespa as an icon would be such a great idea- even a great contest. In the next few days, I’ll focus on specific treads and groups within the vespa community that have grown to hold some serious clout and have become icon themselves. (Mods, for example. Aren’t they great!?)

I was looking through Vesbar München’s FB Page and found many examples of people’s take on the iconic vespa and vespa lifestyle. I wanted to share one of the videos there, the PolyMath Film “BARACUTA G9 – LONDON TO WOOLACOMBE”, here that uses every tool in the box to display and honor this particular group of fellow’s interpretation of the vespa lifestyle.

Check out the Vesbar München FB Page for plenty of examples and all around great images, videos, and community.

Looks fun, no?

It comes down to your own personal interaction with vespas and how you’ve come to identify with this brand in your own life through art, photos, movies, celebrities, songs, ECT. For example, if you’ve been to Italy than most likely you’ll have a visual fondness of vespas with some details referring to the ever lovely Italia. If your old school cool, then you don’t fuss with newbies at all and head straight for the classic Vespa of old:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And those are just two versions of the vespa lifestyle, which really just boils down to whatever you think of when you think of “vespa”. If you are intrested in the rules of the contest read about it more, here. (Also, anyone who wants a postcard sent to them can have one. Just let me know. That isn’t part of the contest.)

I’ll be back with more iconic vespas throughout the next few days and plenty of visuals and art that celebrate this rather lovely lifestyle.  Remember: You don’t have to own a vespa for the icon to mean something to you!

Have a lovely weekend y’all!

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