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Well howdy there! WordPress informs me that this shall be RoxyVespa’s 100th post since starting up in mid-February! Coooool. 

I’ve looked over at the stats for this blog and realize that Roxy Vespa really is the little vespa that could. And did! I appreciate all of you greatly and have loved building a community here with each of you. I hope to continue that friendship for some time to come and look forward to many more adventures with you all. 

I have tried to figure out what to do for my 100th post for a while now and finally arrived at a plan that I am pretty happy with:

a giveaway/contest and, hopefully, tons of postcards!

I would like to set up a Roxy Vespa version of a contest/giveaway, where the winner will win little treasures from various Israeli hot spots. I also wanted to add in my own personal touch of mailing out postcards (from here in Israel) to anyone who wanted to receive one wherever you are.  I really love writing snail mail and believe there is a certain amount of charm found in sending postcards the old fashion way. (Snail mail for the win!)

Only one person will win the contest/giveaway, but there are enough postcards for everyone who wants one sent their way! The gift(s) will be valued at or around $30.00 and will be neat little trinkets I find while shopping around at the Jerusalem Shuk, the Old City Market, or in various Tel Aviv shops.

If you would only like to receive a postcard from Israel and Roxy Vespa, let me know your details and I’ll get that right out to you.

If you would like to know the details of the contest/giveaway, please read on!

So, the details for those interested in entering the Roxy Vespa Contest/Giveaway are:

  1. You will first need to “Like” the Roxy Vespa Facebook Page,
  2. Post an image or any medium of art of your choosing there, and write a sentence* to explain why that image represents the “vespa lifestyle” for you. You may use your own art (photo or something you created) or use those images already apart of vespa popular culture and found on the internet. Please just be sure to explain why you chose that particular image and how it represents the “Vespa Lifestyle” for you in a short little sentence or two. 
  3. Be sure to post your entry and description for the contest by the 6th of June ! The winner will be notified by the 10th of June.
That is all you need to do!
I can’t wait to see what images are posted and what exactly the “vespa lifestyle” means to those of you who enter the contest. You can send whatever [art] medium works best for you (not only images or photos), as long as it can be posted to the Roxyvespa Facebook Page.
If you need some examples of what I mean by writing a description of your take on the “vespa lifestyle”, I’ve provided two examples below that describe my interpretation.
To Note: They are a bit long-winded and the length isn’t what I expect those entering the contest to write.

Two examples of images,

with my reasons for choosing the image: 

*You can use one of your own photos you’ve captured or something that you’ve created (any medium/form of art is acceptable), 

Out of all the images I have come to take for this blog, I believe that whatever this “vespa lifestyle” means is best represented by the photo above.  The wild flowers add a certain softness and vintage motif to the otherwise masculine machine. You can see a reflection of the open road in the vespa itself and can almost hear it calling out for you to embark on your next adventure.  It is a bold and eye-catching shot that was intended to be both charming and mysterious. This photo is the essence what the vespa lifestyle has come to mean to me: a bold declaration and embrace of life- with an abundance of flair, sass, and colour. 

*Or you can use images already out there in the vespa universe that best suits your personal definition of what the “vespa lifestyle” represents or means to you and describe how that image reflects your idea of the vespa lifestyle, 

I chose this image of Audrey Hepburn, from Roman Holiday, as the ultimate image to represent what the vespa lifestyle means to me. I adore this woman so much and love how classy she always seemed to be. It is any wonder she found her way on a vespa?! The absolute thrill in her eyes and the look of complete joy on her face, as she drives the vespa herself, is the epitome of what a vespa is for me. Plus, the woman has a scarf on- need I say more? 

Again the Main, Pesky Details: Those little descriptions up there are just examples and are my version of why both of those images represent everything I have come to love about my little RoxyV. You only need to write one sentence. I will pick and post a winner by the 10th of June and the images need to be submitted by the 6th of June please. There will be a post here (on the blog) with your image and description, along with a shout out to you and your awesomeness. The value of the prize (local neat-o things from around Israel that you would like, since vespa stuff isn’t really in vogue at the moment) is around $30.00, under/around $40.00 with shipping*. There are no products or companies being advertised through this site or via this contest. I just like you guys.

*If you live in the US and end up the winner, I will most likely wait to mail your gift bag till after I return stateside on the 17th of June. 

Best of luck to all those who enter the contest/giveaway, 

and if anyone wants a postcard sent to them from Israel, please leave a comment or write me and let me know your details!

P.S. I hope all that above isn’t too confusing, but if you’ve got more questions than answers about the contest, get in touch with me and I’ll do my best to answer those questions.

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  1. I just want to see you in person!!!

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