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During an errand run on the ‘pa to a store in the Abu Gosh area, I stumbled upon this heard of Billy Goats. It certainly reminded me that you never quite know what you’ll see when you head out your door here in Israel.  This fact never ceases to amaze me. (Always be sure to have your camera with you.) I was fairly happy that I parked on the other side of the store when my attention  to these fellows enjoying their feast:

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Also, goats climbing on a new Mercedes is funny. Don’t invest in nice cars in this part of the world: rule no. 1. Goat, and camels, and donkeys! Oh my!


So, why did the camel cross the road?

7 responses to “Photos of The Day: Goats and Mercedes, A Feast Begins.

  1. jensine

    here you get sheep on roads and birds on cars … no goats or camels , but then we are in Ireland 🙂

    • Haha… Thanks for visiting the ‘ol blog here! I’ve been around Ireland a bit. Galway area (West Coast area) is unlike anything I’ve seen since! You are so lucky to have all that spunk in your genes and those amazing views all around you! = )

  2. I was looking at a really cute Vespa at an indoor flea market by my house (small town in Ontario) – is $2,000 reasonable for a 5-yr old with 1700 miles on it? They’re using the old “an old man used it till he died recently, his family just wants to get rid of it” story line… it looks a lot like the ones in the Who’s Quadrophenia movie, with like 5 mirrors on either side, stereo, etc

    • Oh wow!! First of all, if you go back and see it again, please snap a photo and send me one! I think those mod vespas are really interesting and have yet to see one in person. It sounds like a pretty decent deal also… same age as mine and less mileage too! I paid around the same price also, plus you get the fancy mirrors. I bet the guy who rode around on it was a character. How cool… let me know if anything develops or you can get a photo.

  3. I snapped a picture of a Ferrari roaring through Tel-Aviv traffic at 10 kph, same speed as our little Hyundai rental car.

    • Oh, those Shabbat drivers! 😉 ….really, I’ve seen what happens to nice cars around here: it ain’t pretty. Plus with all the parallel parking, pretty much every car’s corners are dented or scratched.

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